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  1. A Tarot Card Drawer written in TI-BASIC for TI84/83 Plus model Graphing Calculators. The deck used is the Rider-Waite deck, and draws one Major and Minor Arcana, displaying them one at a time. It is entirely text based at the moment, maybe there will be a graphical version in the future.

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  2. Mouse

    A mouse game in ti-84 that also can serve as a tutorial on how to add controls to move something on-screen using ti-basic. This game is quite fun with 4 levels. And by looking at the source code, you can implement cursors in your ti-basic programs.

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  3. So, you've found Emerald Hill. What you do there is for you to decide. This is a text adventure game done in TI-BASIC. It is compatible with MirageOS and DoorsCS. (This was my first ever calculator game, and as is to be expected is quite simple)

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  4. Cloned Atari Breakout in C for Ti-83/84+ (non ce)

    Up button to fire ball

    left for left

    right for right

    clear to exit

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  5. made this myself, due to the fact that I thought Post-Tag-System was cool and I wanted it on my calculator.
    it is a model of computation similar to the Turing machine.

    there are technically uses for this thing, but using it on a graphing calculator limits it due to the fact that variables cannot be very large.

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  6. By far, the easiest way to view real-time sensor data on your CBL, CBL2, or LabPro.

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  7. Oxcity is a challenging city course for TinycarZ on the 83+/84+, combining long straightaways with a sharp 90 degree corner, a fork in the road, and even an offroad section. Be careful not to drive into a dead end!

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  8. Graph-based maze game.
    No in-game editor, so you'll have to edit the matrices manually.
    It doesn't have a win condition, so it's mostly a sandbox game for you to mess with.

    The README includes instructions for use.

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  9. OXIPAK 2 is the second installation in the OXIPAK collection of software. It includes various programs that have been scattered between file archive sites, as well as a VERY early Pre-Alpha version of Jungalia.

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  10. This program allows two players to play ultimate tic-tac-toe on TI-83+ and TI-84+ Series calculators. Standard rules apply: each move must be on the same board as the position of the previous move. Instructions are included within the program and the rules are automatically enforced. The program can be installed using the TI-Connect software.

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  11. This is a tech demo showcasing how dithering allows TI-BASIC programs to display up to 225 colors instead of the usual 15. Input a seed for the randomizer, and watch as this pure TI-BASIC program draws squares of up to 225 different colors.

    This technique is a bit too slow to be practical for use in games, but it looks cool.

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  12. LineFinder
    This program finds the line that goes through all the given points.
    For now only up to 5 points or up to AX^4 + BX^3 + CX^2 + DX + E

    Including quality of life features like:
    Automatically make the formulas easier to read
    Graph the formula with all given points
    Displays the formula on the graph, and puts it into Y1.

    I put quite some work into this, I hope this is useful for someone.


    Bugfix added that would output impossible on possible equations

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  13. Made in TI-Basic for the TI-84 Plus CE, allows:

    - Flagging with Alpha
    - 3x3 removal with 2nd when #Around - #Flags = Label#
    - Pause feature w/ Clear that remembers everything in your session
    - Loading bar w/ key instructions
    - Resume menu that reveals the mine (#Mines - #Flags)
    - 15s load times to generate the board (factoring in 5s to draw the screen)

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  14. I have made a program in Python that outputs getKey values (or wait_key, whatever).
    Enjoy! (Ignore the graphical artifacts on the image, i couldn't get CEmu to work)

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  15. a basic game i made while i was bored, dont expect much

    its just basic movement and a a few random numbers

    the game ends when the enemy touches you

    a brief explanation of the screenshots:

    the first is the start menu

    the ones with the + and * is how gameplay looks
    the + is the player and the * is the enemy

    the enemy movement is a random number for x and y, corresponding to the
    player x and y

    the one with game over is the game over screen
    it displays how many cycles of the game you survived

    please excuse the bad description and readme

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  16. A port of the pacman game for the HP Prime.

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  17. Wordle BASIC is a Wordle clone implemented entirely in TI-84+CE BASIC. Download and ungroup WORDLE.8xo into RAM to install. Note the size of the group (~60 kb) as this much free RAM is required to play.

    Your aim is to guess a hidden 5-letter word in six tries or less, using information about previous guesses to inform your next. Enter words using the keypad, with [DEL] to backspace and [2ND]/[ENTER] to submit a guess. If the word is invalid, a red ! will flash.

    After submitting a valid guess, the letters of the guess will be colored according to how they align with the secret word. A green letter is in the correct position, an orange letter is correct but not in the right spot, and a grey letter does not appear anywhere. The game tracks how many guesses you take to guess the secret word, as well as your current win streak.

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  18. This is a port of my Doors CS 7 Clock to the CE. It's sort of a proof of concept, since literally all shells have clocks now, but still kind of cool. It uses the Celtic CE libraries and will work with any CE shell that supports monochrome icons. The program must be in the RAM to function properly.

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  19. These programs will generate various fractals based on the Mandelbrot Set.

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  20. This is a dumb program I made to annoy my friend who hates the Jump In The Cadillac song. Press enter to make the lyrics duplicate. Press on to stop the program.

    This works perfectly on the TI-84+ CE and the TI-84+ CSE. It also works on the TI-83/84+, but some characters will go past the screen (You can modify it to work just fine though).

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  21. This program allows you to input two values and perform either bitwise OR or bitwise AND on them. After selecting an operator via the [1] key or the [2] key, the program ends and outputs the result on the home screen.

    Since the TI OS doesn't have built-in support for bitwise operators, this program will allow you to calculate values with these operators if you need it to do so.

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  22. Collatz conjecture (3x+1) for Ti-Nspire.

    Tells you the number of iterations for the number inputted & shows the calculations.

    Maximum number that can be inputted is 9E999. Any larger and the number will be formatted as infinity.

    Screenshots show older version without the iteration counter.

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  23. this is a survival game that started to make a year ago on my sisters ti-84 plus CE, then I got my own and finished it on that about a month ago, I have continued to make small changes and updates to make it even better.

    my friend played this game a few times and has been the only one to tell me about bugs which I have then fixed, and if you find any other bugs, please let me know.

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  24. This is a quite bad version of Tetris. This was a proof of concept of making a game entirely in c.

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  25. If you have ever missed the backspace key on a TI-83/84/+/SE then you will be glad to hear that it has finally been made available.

    I discovered the undocumented backspace key a while ago when I was testing a USB keyboard entry method on the TI 83/84 etc. Today I discovered keyhooks and mixed the both together.

    Here it is, source code too. Remember to disable Mathprint. Enjoy.

    P.S. I'm experimenting with this on TI84+CSE, but not there yet.

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  26. I couldn't find something that did this, so I made an image conversion program between TI-92 / V200 etc, and general image formats. It will convert correctly sized (max. 239 x 103 px) .jpg .png .bmp .tif .tga and .gif files using a conversion threshold slider into files readable by Ti-92 or V200. Also .wbm supported with direct conversion as they are always 1bpp bitmaps.

    Drag files and drop onto .exe file or call from command prompt like: "i292ia2 faces.bmp".

    The other side of the palindromic name is that it can convert .92i and .v2i images from calculators to .bmp and .png.

    Please give this alpha version a try and let me know if it is working on your system or not.

    Antivirus software on Windows 10 or higher may stall the program initially, they should let it go after a while, but if not, then you can add it to the exception list.

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  27. The game is in german!!! / Das Spiel ist in Deutsch!
    Du bist ein Jäger und musst Tiere erlegen, um besser zu werden.
    Version: 1.3

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  28. A little game made to test your memory and calculation of perfect squares and cubes. I will be happy to hear about any bugs you find or feedback you have!

    High Scores in SQUARES mode:
    1. sirdudeman - 64
    2. TortillaMan - 45

    High Scores in CUBES mode:
    1. sirdudeman - 18

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  29. PRGM.CE Unit 1 is the first file in a series of PRGM.CE. PRGM.CE aims to educate people on how to program in TI-Basic (I'll try to get ASM, ICE, and others soon) coding language. This unit includes how to use Display (Disp) commands, Clear Home (ClrHome) commands, Output (Output() commands, and Pause (Pause ) commands. I also highly recommend you make a program to sharpen your skills after each unit. This is also relatively basic, to not make things complicated for coders just starting their coding journey. I don't have a TI84PCE Python, so don't expect to see Python tutorials anytime SOON.
    Only control is ENTER.
    Hope you like this file,

    ryanconmartians (btw this is my first program)

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  30. Speedread Edition One
    I’m hyping up this series a lot because I think even though this is pretty basic, it could end up being pretty popular, especially among fans of speed-reading “tests” on YouTube.
    Some pointers: Like always, the only control is ENTER (I haven’t figured how to use other controls yet but also expect that soon).
    Also, thanks to KermMartian for supporting me on this on my forum, and thank you to everyone who voted that I should publish this.
    Thanks to you, TIny_Hacker for making the amazing Spriter program which I used to make the logo.
    Referencing this in the future, you can call it “SpdRd[insert edition number]” in the SAX, Discord, forum and anywhere you want to.

    You might want to read the "readme" attached to the .zip


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  31. Area Finder Condensed (Perhaps Number 1)
    Area Finder Series (Just has a Normal counterpart coming soon for now) was initially made as an extra program for my PRGM.CE Unit 2 program, on variables.
    After you’ve tried out this program, it’d be greatly appreciated if you went to my PRGM.CE forum on Cemetech and vote on my poll.
    Same as always, the only control is ENTER.
    Calculates only triangles, rectangles, and squares.

    May be redistributed for educational purposes only. Copyright © 2023 by ryanconmartians. All rights except for redistribution for educational purposes reserved.
    When redistributed, ryanconmartians must be credited in this format: “ryanconmartians, creator of zip package and any files attached to it, defined as the zip package.”


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  32. GFX3 is designed to make it easy to create and manipulate stacked sprites in your projects when using the CE Toolchain . With this library, you can stack multiple sprites on top of each other, adjust their position, scale, and rotation, and even make them transparent. GFX3 can help you create more complex and dynamic graphics in your projects, without having to manually manipulate each sprite individually!

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  33. SASSIDE.8xp: This program prompts side a, angle, and side b to give you the length of your missing side. Simple as that!

    SSSANG.8xp: This program finds every angle inside a triangle by prompting side a, side b, and side c.

    TRIGLAWS.8xp: This program is more of a note program than anything. It displays the equations for both the law of sine and law of cosine. The formulas given are for area using SAS; ASA, AAS, and SSA; SSS for finding angles; and SAS for finding sides.

    TRIGVALS.8xp: This program just gives you sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent values from any given sides.

    DISCLAIMER — Any values using square roots won't entirely work, since TI calculators make square roots decimals rather than simplifying. I'll try to find some solution to this at some point.

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  34. If you ever get in arguments, you should have this program! This uses Nash's theorem to settle any argument in the mathematically fairest way possible. In short, you come up with ways the argument could end and then you and who you are arguing with rate how they feel about each option on a scale from 0-10 (0 being worst imaginable, 5 being no preference, 10 being best thing ever), the calculator does many calculations with these and determines the best and fairest way the argument could end. More information about what this program does found here: P.S, the program still works if you don't want to do feelings on a scale from 0-10, and instead do something more precise with any amount like money gained/lost or people dead or something (just make sure you use a bigger number as being better).

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  35. LTS-CBL (Long Term Sampling with CBL) is a useful utility for performing long data collection runs with a TI CBL, TI CBL 2, or Vernier LabPro.

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  36. LTS-CBL (Long Term Sampling with CBL) is a useful utility for performing long data collection runs with a TI CBL, TI CBL 2, or Vernier LabPro.

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  37. a game similar to the long drive, (no car mechanics) where you go places, find food, oil, water, gas and diesel. make sure your car is fueled up or else you might not survive.

    my friend found as many bugs as he could, and I then fixed them, but if you find any please let me know.

    I am open to others looking at my code and using it for their own purposes, if you do anything interesting with it, message me and I will check it out.

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  38. get better at doing math in your head.
    you can test your addition subtraction multiplication and division skills.

    not the most beautiful UI but it works and keeps it a small program.

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  39. All 140 standard web colors defined in .h header files

    Includes: rgb1555, rgb565, and rgb555 along with bgr versions

    Example (1555):
    #define ForestGreen 0x1224
    #define Tomato 0x7D89
    #define SkyBlue 0xC33D

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  40. Bananas is an incremental game in which you harvest bananas from a tree or from a drop crate.
    Upgrades are found in the shop. Use them to increase your banana income!

    Currently the game is very minimal but I hope to update and add features.

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  41. Version: Pre-Alpha v0.1.0
    Licence: ⟪BSD-3-Clause⟫

    Duck Hunt is a classic game from the NES that has been enjoyed by generations of gamers. Now,
    You can experience the thrill of hunting ducks on your TI-84 Plus CE!

    • Multiple game modes, including 1 Duck Shooting, 2 Duck Shooting, and Clay Shooting
    • Bonus Duck types with various point amounts
    • Overall high-score
    • Compatible with TI-84 Plus CE calculator

    • [←→↓↑]: Move cursor
    • [2nd]: Shoot bullet
    • [mode]: Pause game
    • [del]: Quit to homescreen

    Copyright © 2023, Alvajoy123

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  42. A screen saver about a truck driver trying to make money. You can watch a 30-day cycle where random events happen as if the calculator is playing a game.

    Since this is a screen saver and not a game, press ANY KEY to exit the screen saver. If you let it run for the full "30-days," a new 30-day "game" will begin after the first one ends.

    Four different "win" or "lose" situations depending on how much money the driver has after thirty days
    5 different scenic locations for the truck driver to drive through
    Backgrounds such as walls, bridges, houses and traffic lights
    Policemen pulling you over for speeding, littering or running a red light

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  43. Relive the glory days of yesteryear with WEB1999: a simulation of the Web browsing experience circa the turn of the third millennium in the palm of your hand on your TI-83 Premium CE, or TI-84+ CE calculator!

    This is a non-interactive screensaver-style program wherein assorted pop-up advertisements appear onscreen and the computer autonomously fights a battle to keep the screen uncluttered, similar to the "Realistic Internet Simulator" Flash game from 2002 (sometimes also known as "kill the popups"). Older users with firsthand knowledge of the Web around the year 2000 will find nostalgic reminder while others will receive an impromptu lesson in history, and everybody should find the results fun to watch.

    This is version 0.1c.

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  44. My Cemetech Contest 26 screensaver. Run on HP Prime G1 or G2 calculator.

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  45. CURRENT VERSION: Added new category for it. Cemetech contest entries > #26: Screensavers.

    The CE Casino was originally made as a screensaver for CC26, but I thought, this was my best code yet. So here we are, me writing this readme to send to Cemetech.
    The CE Casino (from now on referred to as CEC) minimizes user input and increases power efficiency. After all, isn’t that the purpose of a screensaver? CEC does this by only
    using wait commands and running in TI-Basic.

    What CEC is about
    CEC is about a certain man going into a casino to gamble and make more money, as he is a puny millionaire compared to the billionaires and trillionaires of the world.
    When the man either goes in debt $2.5 million dollars or gains $5 million, different story lines commence.
    5 Million Storyline: 1: Gamble; 2: Criminal Empire; 3: Invest;
    1: Lose money; 2: Get Caught/Die; 3: Lead a long, peaceful life.
    1: Merge storylines

    -2.5 Million Storyline: 1: Homeless
    1: Die in rocket crash 1: Riches to rags to riches.

    Events that can happen while gambling
    Jackpot - 10%: +550,000
    Grandpa TImmy’s Illness - 10%: -350,000
    I. A. N. Effect - 1/110: Instant death
    Grandpa’s Extreme Illness (getting Jackpot and Grandpa TImmy’s illness) - 1%: -500,000

    Grandpa TI-mmy. TI. Get it? Bad pun…
    The reason why the story’s not set in Texas is because casinos are outlawed there.

    What’s next?
    Well, I have an idea to build a collection of games based on The CE Casino. I’m also expecting to have time to expand the CEC or just take the source code and make an interactive version.

    TIny Hacker - Spriter Program (for icon).
    Everyone who built screensavers with probabilities (basically everyone).
    Calculatordream for the extra support.
    Everyone else who supported me.

    Characters (mentioned):
    Eel(on) Musket
    Warren Buffet(t)
    The Engineer

    Copyright (c) 2023 by ryanconmartians. All rights reserved.

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  46. 16 visual effects are now available with rev 1.0:

    - intro combining 3 classical effects : fire + dot donut + textual siner-scrollers.
    - 3D Starfield v2.0
    - XOR Moire v1.0
    - Simple Blured & Bouncing Line v1.0
    - Spline Distorsion v1.0
    - Blured Bouncing Starspline v1.0
    - Classical Amiga-Like Rotozoom v1.0
    - Plasma Sinusoids v2.0
    - Dot-Based Shapes Morphing v1.0
    - Classical Lens Magnification v2.0
    - Mesmerizing Rotating & Burning Cube v1.0
    - Enter The Matrix v2.0
    - Morphing & Blur v1.0
    - Motion Blur on Spinning Cube v1.0
    - Rotating Sphere on textured background v1.0
    - Raindrops v2.0

    I also added a control menu aiming at changing some options, we can briefly see it in action at the begining of the video.

    Keys are :
    The user can use the following keys to interract with the addin (we can also let it run without touching anything):

    [EXIT] to leave back to the Operating System.

    [F1] and [F6] to change manually the effect.

    [OPTN] : to show/hide the option menu. While in this menu, the following keys can be used :
    [UP / DOWN] : to select the parameter,
    [LEFT / RIGHT] : to adjust the value of the parameter.

    Hope you like it...

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  47. A screensaver written for the CC26 Cemetech contest. It features a starry sky with blinking stars and moving objects, falling snow with snowmen, and weird crazy color hyperspace stuff. Created in TI BASIC with the help of the Celtic CE libraries. Thanks to CoolModder and slyVTT for the encouragement throughout the development process.

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  48. A Sudoku puzzle for the TI-83+ and 84+. This was written for the first-ever Cemetech contest and was selected as the winning entry.

    Features semi-random puzzle generation and the ability to save the state of a puzzle, reloading it when restarting the program.

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  49. My entry for CC26! It's a screensaver-esque program where cars drive back and forth, with a lot of fun easter eggs as well.

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  50. Fixed the problem with the graph axis showing up
    Kills Vars: A,B,C,L1,L2,GBD1
    Press [ENTER] to quit, takes the current screensaver to end for the program to end
    Contains blinking stars, left leaning snakes, rectangles that progressively get smaller, a logo screen bump
    Use a color invert ASM program for best results

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