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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Taxi Simulator [CC20] Drive a taxi around a city collecting tips. Strategically plan routes to avoid traffic and get the most tips possible! But don't take your eyes off the road for too long, or you might crash! Requires the C libraries - see readme This is my Land entry for CC20 (Theme - Tran… 7045 9/10
Cemetech-MC Panorama Resource Pack I made a resource pack for Minecraft that changes the main menu to a panorama of the Cemetech-MC 1.12 world. This can go directly in %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ without unzipping it. 390 10/10
Translator CE A translator program for the CE. It can translate single words from one language to another. Also included are dictionary files for English <-> Spanish conversion, and a script to generate additional dictionary files. This program does not convert entire sentences, just individu… 9939 9/10
Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire for the TI-84 Plus CE. Features 127 levels! Attempt to remove all 144 tiles from the board as quickly as possible. Also includes source code and a layout converter for Kyodai levels. 1214 9.6/10
Atomic Mass Calculator Compute the molar mass of any compound, including those with parentheses! Can calculate the molar mass from chemical formulas of practically unlimited length, including those with multiple digits of subscripts and those with parentheses nesting up to 998 times! Also features a s… 991 8/10
Tower Defense CE (CC22) A tower defense game - with a twist! Instead of placing towers, change the very path that enemies take! Features a variety of upgradeable towers! 1982 10/10
Dino Run CE A clone of the Chrome "No Internet" dinosaur game, an infinite runner where you jump over cacti and duck under pterodactyls for as long as possible while running faster and faster. As accurate as possible to the original, Dino Run CE includes clouds, night mode, high score track… 12599 9.4/10
Peek/Poke A pair of utilities that allow TI-BASIC programs to read from and write to memory addresses, respectively. 257
Cemetech-MC 1.16 Panorama Resource Pack A resource pack for Minecraft that changes the main menu to a panorama of the Cemetech-MC 1.16 world. This can go directly in %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ (or ~/.minecraft/resourcepacks) without unzipping it. 144 10/10
HASHLIB CE Cryptography Library This is a LibLoad-compatible library that contains algorithms for computing several types of hashes for files or arbitrary data segments. It contains: general additive checksums (24 and 32-but), CRC-32, SHA-1, and SHA-256. For the SHA* routines, there are single-pass routine… 156
CEleste A port of the platformer Celeste Classic for the TI-84 Plus CE. 2751 9.5/10
Wordle A clone of the word guessing game Wordle, in which you have six chances to guess a five-letter word each day. 1410 9.8/10
Commas Adds commas (or spaces) to real numbers displayed on the homescreen in TI-OS. It can also change what character is used as a decimal point. 564 9.5/10
CrossBun CrossBun is a crossword puzzle program for the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator. It's heavily inspired by Crosshare. 421


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