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Falling! Falling is a simple crash-landing game in which you are to pilot your space ship left or right as it falls towards a safety portal. All instructions are inside. Currently only available for the 83plus/84plus. I hope to port this to other calcs (such as the ti-86) in the fut… 117
Bananas Bananas is an incremental game in which you harvest bananas from a tree or from a drop crate. Upgrades are found in the shop. Use them to increase your banana income! Currently the game is very minimal but I hope to update and add features. 29
Hangman This is a port of the game "Hangman" to the TI-83+/84+! Play with a friend, or have multiple friends team up and take turns guessing letters. If you make more than 5 incorrect guesses, player one wins! If you guess the word, player two wins! 152


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