Play @ Cemetech

We try to work hard here at Cemetech, teaching programming and hardware hacking, welcoming students, teachers, and professionals, and spreading the joy of mastering technology. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, though, so we also enjoy a bit of recreational video gaming on the side. Two of our particular loves are Unreal Tournament 2004 for its cathartic action and Minecraft for its creative potential. is our Minecraft 1.17 server, subtitled "Intelligent Survival". It is a PvE creative survival server, gradually filling with more and more impressive houses and structures. The Build World is open to all, once they are approved by a moderator. The rules are simple: no hacks, no stealing, no griefing, and have fun. There is also an expansive Museum World, showcasing our best builds from the past four years, including cities, bridges, railroads, mansions, and more. There is no whitelist, so hop on now and explore! just may be the longest-running Unreal Tournament 2004 server still in operation. Although the game is over a decade old, it still provides pure FPS fun that's hard to find in any more modern games. We have a particular love for ArenaMaster and Team ArenaMaster (AM/TAM) matches, Vehicular Capture-the-Flag (VCTF) and every-man-for-himself DeathMatch (DM), though we don't restrict ourselves to those. We have hundreds of maps and a powerful, low-latency server; come relive the joy of quad-jumping while blasting a flak cannon at your opponents! The server has a password; feel free to log into Cemetech and ask for it, and we'll be happy to share.