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PRGM.CE TI-Basic Unit 1 PRGM.CE Unit 1 is the first file in a series of PRGM.CE. PRGM.CE aims to educate people on how to program in TI-Basic (I'll try to get ASM, ICE, and others soon) coding language. This unit includes how to use Display (Disp) commands, Clear Home (ClrHome) commands, Output (Output… 384
Speedread Edition One Speedread Edition One I’m hyping up this series a lot because I think even though this is pretty basic, it could end up being pretty popular, especially among fans of speed-reading “tests” on YouTube. Some pointers: Like always, the only control is ENTER (I haven’t figured how… 187
Area Finder Condensed Area Finder Condensed (Perhaps Number 1) Area Finder Series (Just has a Normal counterpart coming soon for now) was initially made as an extra program for my PRGM.CE Unit 2 program, on variables. After you’ve tried out this program, it’d be greatly appreciated if you went to m… 405
The CE Casino [CC26] - Can you get all the endings? CURRENT VERSION (v1.0.2): Added changelog and edited readme and this description (you can now find the controls) The CE Casino (read me pls) The CE Casino was originally made as a screensaver for CC26, but I thought, this was my best code yet. So here we are, me writing … 899
The Hapara Prank He He He Ha! Time for a prank program! ryanconmartians presents… TheHapara Prank! Wanna prank your friends? Middle/High Schools usually provide Chromebooks, with the screen monitoring extension known as Hapara. I recently came across Question: Why are so many people ill… 215


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