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Casio Prizm programs for all versions of the calculator. Some programs designed for earlier versions (the CG10 and CG20) may not work correctly on newer calculators (the CG50). We have a guide for how to put programs on the calculator. Lua programs also need LuaZM to run.


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  1. Flappy Bird: And yes, you can impress your friends with your Flappy Bird on PRIZM. keys: Rocker: Move through menus and confirm with [EXE]; [EXE] or [SHIFT] or [F1] or [0]: Raise the bird; [EXIT] or [APHA] or [F6] or [-]: Pause. Full of easter-eggs to discover!

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  2. Prizoop is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator that is compatible with most popular titles. To install, just copy prizoop.g3a to the root of your Prizm, and any rom files you would like to play in the emulator the root as well (as .gb or .gbc files, with simple 8 character names).

    You can also compress files using the included Windows tool as .gbz and save a bit of space in exchange for slightly slower emulation.

    An embedded FAQ viewer is available that maintains your position in a text FAQ for each game. FAQ's are very readable thanks to calctype and sub-pixel text rendering. Simply include the FAQ as a ASCII encoded text file with the same name as your rom file but with a .txt extension.

    Includes full sound support (using a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adaptor), and can run almost all games at full speed.

    Source code and additional notes at the github:

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  3. The classic snake game for Casio Prizm calculators.

    Feed the snake by controlling its head to the right direction, to eat the food, to get it grown. Avoid blocks and the tail of the snake. WARNING: upgrading from v1.00 or from v1.01 will reset your high scores and your current gameplay. Support:

    Source available under GPLv3 at:

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  4. You love the game of Tetris on every platform, from your computer to your GameBoy to your TI calculator, so why not enjoy it in brilliant color on your Casio Prizm calculator? Featuring fast-paced gameplay, four play modes, high score tracking, and much more, this game is sure to be a permanent addition to your Prizm. In Marathon mode, try to complete lines for as long as possible as your score and the speed increase. High Speed mode ups the ante with faster drops at lower levels. If you want to start out in a bad situation, try Touchdown mode. With Collapse mode, you can set up giant stacks of tetrominos to score many lines at once. And to really torture yourself, see how long you can last with no line pieces in Sadistic mode.

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  5. This is a port of the popular browser and mobile game for CASIO PRIZM calculators.

    Source code available under GPLv3:

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  6. This Add-in is a version of the old classic Space Invaders. Graphics are based on the standard version at and can easily achieve decent FPS without having to overclock. Shot the invaders from the bottom of the screen to continue to the next wave, which will be more difficult than the previous. How far can you go?

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  7. Description :
    Your god has sent you on a mission to find him some golden eggs. Your only tool is the ability to flip gravity. Use gravity wells to further alter the direction of gravity. 40 levels.

    Instructions :
    Arrow keys to move, SHIFT to flip gravity.

    Technical details :
    The game overclock the calc to 94.3MHz and restore the speed as it was before launching. It not underclock to 94.3MHz if the speed is already highter.
    Press OPTN to show FPS.
    This version just missing the transition animation between levels (fade in/out and growing duck), because there is not enough memory to load this animation.

    To developpers :
    Feel free to copy any part of the source code.
    Files key.c/h, overclock.c/h, rand.c/h, text.c/h, time.c/h can be used as is.

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  8. Hello,
    I would like to introduce you my attempt to port Doom to Casio Prizm. Standard Doom requires about 8 MB RAM, so do not expect anything :-)
    It is in a very early stage, slow and it will probably crash due to failed malloc.

    arrows - movement
    [alpha] - fire
    [exe] - use (open the door,...)
    [^] - iddqd + idkfa :-)
    [F1] ~ [F5] - weapon select
    [Menu] - exit (the calculator will be in somehow wrong state, if menu is not working, try to turn it off and on)

    Uploading here on KermMartian request.

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  9. Play against your friends or the calculator in a one-on-one match of Tic-TacToe! The A.I. is simple. Your friends are tough. Can you win?

    -Fixed challenge mode bug that made it so it didn't switch players for a tie

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  10. Pokemon + add-in is functional and very Casio OS looking interface to view and calculate evolution of your Pokemon for Casio Prizm/FX-CG calculators.

    It's current functionality in 3 different languages (English, German and French) is:
    * display Pokedex with numbers and localised names,
    * view types, required eggs, candies or legendary attribute,
    * record your CP and HP values,
    * display maximum and evolvable ranges of CP and HP both from and to your Pokemon (i.e. reverse and not).

    I kept everything as close to Casio's OS style as I could making navigation intuitive but a few key shortcuts worth mentioning:
    UP/DOWN - increases/decreases Pokemon value by 1
    PLUS/MINUS - increases/decreases Pokemon value by 10
    MULTIPLY/DIVIDE - increases/decreases Pokemon value by 100
    DEL/UNDO - toggles between minimum (Pokemon shade view) and medium of the range value of your Pokemon

    Please leave your comments on or on any other relevant post here.

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  11. My version of PacMan on the Casio fxCG-50
    -full color
    -point system
    -easy to use
    The last version hat some bugs, but I fixen them in this version.
    I also changed the icon, so it fits with the OS.

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  12. Play chess on your own Casio PRIZM calculator with your friend. Chess which is one of the most famous and popular games in the world is now ready to be played everywhere on your calculator. Best game that can be played unnoticed during boring maths or physics lessons!

    Please note that this is the first release of this chess program. The chess engine might contain bugs. Please send bug reports to my e-mail address ( ) or post it at the forum thread at Chemetech ( ).

    Source available under GPLv3 at:

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  13. I present to you, the laurels of about... maybe an hour of work... PONG!

    This version of PONG is for the Casio Prizm, very true to the original, and meeting the goals of development I planned for it:

    - under 50KB total for the entire Add-in
    - achieves over 15 FPS with decent video effects
    - entirely developed in under an hour
    - uses only routines available in the Useful Prizm Routines and libfxcg

    I did this as a proof that native development on the Prizm is very easy to do now, even without an abstraction layer like SDL. It also is meant for beginning C for the Prizm programmers to tear apart as a very easy game example, from which they can learn to make their own Add-ins.

    That being said, I also took my spare time to add in some small video noise effects to make it look cooler, and both an AI and 2 Player mode. Controls are:

    F1/F2 - menu choices
    Shift/Alpha - Player 1 Up/down
    Up/Down - Player 2 up/down
    Exit - exit to title screen

    Tear it apart and enjoy it! It's far from perfect, but it's still fun to play. If you do try to learn by improving upon it, and re-releasing it, give me some credit, s'il vous plait. And now, with comments!

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  14. In this game you play as a green snake and you have to eat the food (red dots) to grow.
    Your score shows the length of the snake. Try to fill the whole screen with the snake!

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  15. The classic game Minesweeper now on your Casio Prizm, now with pretty graphics! (Sorry for the low-quality .gif, it looks better on the calc.) See readme for revision history.

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  16. In this game you are white square and you have to run away from the green squares(zombies). Health bar is at the top. You collect the red squares to gain health. It's a fairly simple game. Good luck. Now updated with all the features of the CE version!

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  17. This is the first release of the Cookie Clicker game I've been working on. Read the README for controls.

    Golden Cookies added (they should appear every 5 to 10 minutes). File size reduced.
    (Speed in new screenshot is not accurate, and numbers are weird because of the screen receiver)

    Original by Orteil:

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  18. A viewer for pictures in JPEG and PNG formats. This add-in will help you avoid the hassle of having to convert pictures to G3P format so you can view them on your calculator! It can also work as an eActivity strip. Multiple zoom levels supported for JPEG viewing, and long file names supported in the file browser. Lossless and Progressive JPEG not supported. Interlaced PNG not supported.

    Now with fx-CG 50 / Graph 90+E support.

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  19. Rainbow Unicorn Attack-like game for the prizm... with ponies! Who doesn't love ponies? Run and fly, avoiding clouds and eating apples as Rainbow Dash in this exciting game, where you train to become the fastest athlete ever in order to join the Winderbolts flying sqadron! One of the fastest games for the Prizm at over 25FPS, with beautiful parallax graphical effects and landscapes, making it also one of the most graphical games so far. Download it today, and be sure to check progress on the finalized version here: !

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  20. A galaga-like game written in C for the Prizm; very nice graphics, if I do say so myself. Open source. Don't steal the source pl0x. Beta 1; if you have improvements, post them in the Raptor thread.

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  21. The classic game Minesweeper now on your Casio Prizm!

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  22. Play against your friends in a classic game of connect four, where four-in-a-row will help you win.
    Single player implemented with super simple A.I.

    UPDATES: New and better A.I.

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  23. This add in is only for the casio fx-cg 50. You can recompile it for the casio fx-cg10/20 with some changes. (see readme.txt)

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  24. Obliterate, is a scorched-earth / tanks game for the Casio Prizm color graphing calculator. Play against up to six AIs in a battle for supremacy. Set your angle and power, then fire away, but watch out for the wind! Enjoy the classic TI Obliterate game on the Prizm's full-color, high-resolution screen.

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  25. Enjoy a classic board game dating back thousands of years on your very own Prizm! 3D Checkers is a checkers game for your Prizm in actual 3D. You can play against an AI (This release doesn't have this feature yet) or against another person. More features are to come!

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  26. Version 1.2

    Sink is a battleship-like game that has the same look as KSinkShips. Gameplay consists of 1 or 2 player mode. The game features nice graphics, alpha-blending, and a decent AI. The game only has one mode. A future version will expand the gameplay. See the README for changes

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  27. This is the classic sliding puzzle game for Casio PRIZM calculators written in C.

    Source available under GPLv3:

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  28. This is a port of the powerful Eigenmath math engine, by George Weigt, to the Casio Prizm, providing numerous math functions not originally available in these calculators, including symbolic computation. This port includes a function catalog, ability to create and execute scripts, draw graphs, and much more. All 100+ Eigenmath commands work. Output is pretty-printed whenever possible, and 200 lines of output are stored for scrolling at any time. Command execution can be stopped. The state of the add-in is optionally automatically saved when exiting. Source code and more info is available at: .
    This add-in will surely become an indispensable part of your calculator.

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  29. A while ago I wrote a port of Flappy Bird to the Casio Prizm. I never released it, but now here it is. I hope you enjoy. I re-uploaded with a version that has sprite rotation. It's slower and not too pretty, but if you want to try it, go ahead. The not rotating version is still in there so you can still use that. There is no highscore or main menu.

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  30. This is my version of Geometry Dash.
    I made the whole game prettier and stepped the
    controls up, it should be more playable now.

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  31. An unfinished Prizm game I made for a contest; feel free to use the source as you like. It's basically a simcity game for the prizm.

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  32. This program allows you to play the classic Bomberman game on your calculator. Can you win against the bots?
    For more information read the README.txt or find me on GitHub:

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  33. PJumpingCube is a clone of the KDE game "KJumpingCube". In this game, you must control all dice on a 10x10 playing field by increasing the values of dice, causing cascade effects on the board.

    This is a beta release (v0.2 10/4/12)

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  34. NESizm is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Prizm fx-CG10 and fx-CG50. It supports reasonably accurate emulation at full speed for the CG50 at native speed and the CG10 when overclocked. It supports most major titles. Full source code and information is available at

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  35. Conway's Game of Life for the Casio Prizm.

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  36. This is a simple image viewer for the fx-CG 10 and fx-CG 20 calculators. It lets you open files from storage memory, and includes a converter to convert any type of image to the image format used by ImgViewer on the calculator.

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  37. Graph3DP is a powerful 3D graphing application for the Casio Prizm (fx-CG10/fx-CG20/fx-CG50). Enter one to six 3D equations, and rotate and zoom the resulting graph. You can adjust the window and trace over the mesh to examine X, Y, and Z value. This final 1.0 release has been thoroughly tested, and the underlying equation-parsing system, AHelper's gCAS2, has been overhauled for speed and correctness. Graph3DP understands thirteen built-in math functions, from sin() to atan() to sqrt() to ln(), plus addition, subtract, multiplication, division, grouping, and exponentiation. Give it a download and try it today; this will surely become an permanent fixture on your Casio Prizm.

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  38. The classic Minesweeper, themed like the Windows XP version.
    Compatible with: Casio FX-CG10, FX-CG20 and FX-CG50

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  39. Utilities is an add-in full of functionality not originally found on the Casio Prizm calculators. This includes a JPEG image viewer, file manager (rename, copy, move, search and compress), text editor, clock, chronometers, calendar with events (day, week and month views) and event search, task list, text editor, balance manager, password generator, calculator lock, and much more. Utilities replaces six different add-ins, in less than 185 KiB. Source code is available at: . See for more information and installation instructions, as well as links to download an edition with support for PicoC scripts.

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  40. This is a periodic table of the elements for the Casio Prizm. While I was working on this, Casio released one of their own, but this one is smaller, so it's worth using if you're tight on space or like me more than Casio.

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  41. This version now supports the Casio fx-CG50 and the Graph 90+E in addition to maintaining compatibility with the fx-CG10 and fx-CG20.

    I have ported open Jazz jackrabbit to the casio prizm. See the Readme for controls and more information. The source code and future updates can be found at .

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  42. This is a simple number system converting tool for Casio calculators written in BASIC

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  43. This is the famous and really hard platform game from the Iphone app.

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  44. This is my entry for Contest 13 on Cemetech. You are a Space Cat named Carl, and you must get as many points as you can by collecting coins for one point each or collecting mice for five points each. You must avoid asteroids and keep from running out of fuel. Good luck!

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  45. In this game you play with a second player and both of you place crosses or circles into a grid(3x3) and try to place a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of three with just your own markers to win

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  46. This is the CASIO PRIZM version of the well-known board game. Rules and information about the game:

    Source available under GPLv3 at:

    This game is fx-CG50 compatible.

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  47. A fully functional port of the great 84+ CE game, Oiram, including direct support for the custom levels made from the CE version! See the full instructions and description at the github project page:

    v2: Fixes issues loading custom levels with longer file names

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  48. Everyone loves Blackjack, so test your skill (and luck) at this game, while not losing any money. So try blackjack in color.

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  49. It should not come as a Great SHOCK that G-CLOCK is foremost a Great CLOCK add-in for CASIO fx-CG10/fx-CG20 and G-SHOCK fans will love it especially.

    Updated version adds current time and battery voltage display to MAIN MENU status bar and current date to the MAIN MENU icon of the add-in itself. Pressing [EXE] or [MENU] switches between the above and a familiar digital watch style display (however launching the add-in via shortcut without selecting it first in the MAIN MENU won’t change the date on the G-CLOCK’s MAIN MENU icon, etc).

    The functionality was extended from just switching between main menu and timekeeping mode to allowing navigating/launching of other apps and add-ins by their relevant keys/shortcuts (1 for Run-Mat, and so on) from both modes.

    I also added SET UP (SHIFT > MENU) key for setting up the desired time by this add-in and it should automatically detect if the current year is set below 2016, implemented some other improvements. I may extend those settings to set up user defined shortcuts for custom scripts in the future. And may also try to allow launching of the same scripts from my LOCK add-in if it won’t increase LOCK’s add-in size too much.

    Looking forward to your feedback on please.

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  50. Version 2.0

    This add-in lets you display and change the time on your prizm. It also has a calendar that lets you scroll through months. See the README for details and changes.

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