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CGlock [Warning: This add-in is obsolete, unsupported, and in rare cases may brick your Prizm. Caveat downloader.] A simple add-in that lets you lock your Prizm. The first time it is run it will ask you for the unlock code, but if you want to set a new code later, press OPTN at the mai… 2096 9.5/10
OverClui [Warning: This add-in is obsolete, unsupported, and has been known to brick Prizm calculators. Caveat downloader.] An user-friendly tool to change the speed of the Prizm's CPU. Does the same as Pover but doesn't have advanced parameters and the CPU clock can only go as high as … 1605
Utilities Utilities is an add-in full of functionality not originally found on the Casio Prizm calculators. This includes a JPEG image viewer, file manager (rename, copy, move, search and compress), text editor, clock, chronometers, calendar with events (day, week and month views) and eve… 7506 9.2/10
Eigenmath This is a port of the powerful Eigenmath math engine, by George Weigt, to the Casio Prizm, providing numerous math functions not originally available in these calculators, including symbolic computation. This port includes a function catalog, ability to create and execute script… 10587 9.6/10
JPEG and PNG image viewer A viewer for pictures in JPEG and PNG formats. This add-in will help you avoid the hassle of having to convert pictures to G3P format so you can view them on your calculator! It can also work as an eActivity strip. Multiple zoom levels supported for JPEG viewing, and long file n… 18220 9/10


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