PONG - Prizm C - Beginner's Example, now with comments!
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I present to you, the laurels of about... maybe an hour of work... PONG!

This version of PONG is for the Casio Prizm, very true to the original, and meeting the goals of development I planned for it:

- under 50KB total for the entire Add-in
- achieves over 15 FPS with decent video effects
- entirely developed in under an hour
- uses only routines available in the Useful Prizm Routines and libfxcg

I did this as a proof that native development on the Prizm is very easy to do now, even without an abstraction layer like SDL. It also is meant for beginning C for the Prizm programmers to tear apart as a very easy game example, from which they can learn to make their own Add-ins.

That being said, I also took my spare time to add in some small video noise effects to make it look cooler, and both an AI and 2 Player mode. Controls are:

F1/F2 - menu choices
Shift/Alpha - Player 1 Up/down
Up/Down - Player 2 up/down
Exit - exit to title screen

Tear it apart and enjoy it! It's far from perfect, but it's still fun to play. If you do try to learn by improving upon it, and re-releasing it, give me some credit, s'il vous plait. And now, with comments!


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