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  1. SAX 1.0, the Simultaneous Asynchronous Exchange, adds realtime chat functionality to your forum via AJAX. It integrates seamlessly into phpBB with very little modification; install time is typically less than fifteen minutes. The SAX sidebar allows you to chat with your fellow forum members, alerts you of new posts and topics, and records when members arrive and leave. It dynamically adjusts its refresh rate to balance latency and bandwidth usage. In addition, features such as "!whereis <username>" and "!calc <formula>" demonstrate the additional tools SAX can provide for users; it can easily be expanded with other such triggers based on your own needs.

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  2. Dhtml based Icon viewer for Hexadecimal icon format Version 4. This is a DHTML (HTML, Javascript, HTML DOM, CSS, you name it) based web program who outputs an icon form a hexadecimal value. New in this version is support for icons from Binary value! (who is used for icons in assembly programming) You also get some new options about swiching between hexadecimal and binary mode.

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  3. DHCPgen is a PHP package to manage ISC DHCPD configuration files,
    much as programs like phpMyAdmin manage the contents of MySQL databases
    through a web interface. DHCPgen is unique in that it not only stores and
    organizes data and generates dhcpd.conf files, it can also automatically
    install such files, make sure that the update succeeded, and revert the
    change if it failed for some reason. In addition, it has been carefully
    written to permit updating a DHCP server running on either a local or
    remote machine, particularly important if your webserver and your DHCP
    server are separate physical or virtual machines. Please help me to debug it by downloading and installing DHCPgen!

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  4. Type (or copy) in a hexacode for a icon in DCS format, sellect the size of the pixels and either click the 8*8 or 16*16 button. This would render the icon you typed in.

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  5. This is a javascript (DHTML) based web program who outputs an icon form a heximal value. In this version, the engine is totally rewritten, and the new feautres are:
    Icon are outputed in a new window, so you do not need to reload the page,
    +, - and Reset buttons for peoples without keyboard,
    Ability to type in own dimensions of the pixel (default is 8*8).

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  6. This is a well documented run with the libgmp library. Anybody wanting to go beyond the current timeout limit (x = 4) will have to configure their web server to allow longer processing. It is a php5 script for use with Apache, but should be compatible with other server. Be sure to have the libgmp configured as well.

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