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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.



  1. Tetris in TI-BASIC for the 84+CSE and CE, currently the only version working on the CE. This version adds improvements to code, use of up arrow for rotating the pieces, and a high score system!

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  2. Snake v0.9. You are a green snake, and you want to eat red apples. Unfortunately, every time you eat an apple, three blue, poisonous berries appear. Avoid the berries, the walls, and yourself while eating as many apples as possible!

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  3. A rendition of the Galaga game, now on your calculator. Read the included readme for further details and how to play.

    Now comes with icon!

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  4. A pokemon text game that is still in development. This is my first game, and so far there are no typings or anything fancy like that. There are 36 first gen pokemon, and pokemon that should evolve can evolve. I do not own pokemon. Have fun.

    Now with DCSE icon! Hooray!

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  5. "It's a snake where you can control a snake" (obviously) :)

    In this game, you'll be able to use special objects, buy improvements, change the color of the map etc...

    This game is now (thanks to NoaxPrime) available in english! Just download the archive and transfer the right files ;)

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  6. Connect 4 for the 84+CSE is a clone of the classic game of the real life game Connect 4, using the lovely colors of the 84+CSE screen.

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  7. Play Battleship on your calculator! read the included readme for directions. This DOES NOT REQUIRE Doors CSE.

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  8. First Fantasy is one of the first RPG ever released for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and the first ever one for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE! The CSE version uses Doors CSE 8.1 libraries to enhance TI-BASIC language, while the CE version uses CE Textlib and a custom font. This very loose remake of Mana Force for the 83+ brings enhanced graphics, new magic spells and enemies, new cutscenes, expanded storyline and many new challenges. There are 16 magic spells available, 7 character classes, 8 dungeons (12 in the CE version), 49 monsters (77 in the CE version) and several hours of gameplay. If you are a fan of Square-Enix Japanese role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, then you should try it!

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  9. This is a homescreen RPG ported from the older monochrome version of the same name. Travel the lands, defeat bosses to reclaim powerful orbs to help you defeat the enemy. Command magics as you gain strength to land powerful attacks, or use your powers to heal yourself and keep swinging the sword! Update: Repaired bug involved with on screen events.

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  10. The popular windows game, minesweeper, arrives on the CSE.
    -Variable size boards; 6 different sizes
    -Timer, so you can challange friends and family
    -4 difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, Hard and Pro
    -Custom mine settings
    -The smiley face from the windows game!

    Any question or suggestions? Read the included Readme.

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  11. I wrote this program for the classic Pong game in my spare time when I started experimenting into game programming. This version is a two player version of pong, where two players play each other on the same calc, Left player using 2nd and Alpha to move, and the Right player using the Up and Down keys. You a score a point when your opponent lets the ball slip past his defenses. First to 5 points wins! Have fun playing this game, looking at the code, or whatever you want. Just don't take credit for it. This version comes with two types, a full screen game (prgmAPONG), which is easier (more time in between hits to calculate where to hit the ball), and a shorter screen game (prgmAPONGSML) which is harder (less time to calculate where to hit the ball).
    In the future, I plan to modify this program to make a playable one player version, as well as a version with the screen size to be adjusted by an in-game menu.

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  12. You are a AA gunner and must defend London from the alien invasion. Read the included readme for further information. Note: You must be in Zstandard for this to properly work.

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  13. A complete Tic-Tac-Toe game with the following features: Compatible with 83, 83+, 83+SE, 84+, 84+ CSE, 84+ CE, and the 84+SE. Special code for the 84+CSE and CE while still maintaining monochrome compatibility. 2 Player mode, "O" goes first. 1 Player mode, Player (O) goes first. Select between 6 levels of AI difficulty, perfect for gameplay for younger players. The "Impossible" AI cannot be beat! Try it yourself! Keeps score between games until program is quit. Nested DCS icons for both monochrome and color calcs. Written in pure BASIC! Please enjoy!

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  14. Checkers is a fun little time waster to share with a friend or play against yourself. It features full use of the colors, and comes in 2 programs, 1 for if you want to change up the colors of the boards and tokens, or if you just want the default setup. This is version 0.9

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  15. A complete Tic-Tac-Toe game with the following features:

    Compatible with 83, 83+, 83+SE, 84+, and 84+SE.
    Special code for the 84+CSE while still maintaining monochrome compatibility.
    2 Player mode, "O" goes first.
    1 Player mode, Player (O) goes first.
    Select between 6 levels of AI difficulty, perfect for gameplay for younger players.
    The "Impossible" AI cannot be beat! Try it yourself!
    Keeps score between games until program is quit.
    Nested DCS icons for both monochrome and color calcs.
    Written in pure BASIC!

    Please enjoy!

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  16. Scarth v2.0 is a scorched earth game for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, ported from my 2006 game, Scarth 1.0. Your tank and a calculator-controlled tank battle to the death in a colorful randomly-generated landscape, taking turns firing missiles at one another. For each shot, you can set the power and angle that you
    shoot at, but as you get damaged, your range decreases. This is the first known released interactive TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition TI-BASIC game using homescreen graphics.

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  17. This is the all-time definitive version of snake for the TI-84+ CE! This is, by far, the best way to play snake on your calculator! With many features, themes, items, and more, you'll never run out of fun with this game. Now translated to English! Just put the files on your calculator and play!
    Translation By LukeHAW, Game by Epharius

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  18. This is a basic version of the popular Windows game MineSweeper. It includes some color-graphics for a funny gameplay. Written in pure BASIC, so no usage of DoorsC[S]E. Enjoy it!

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  19. This is a copy of cookie clicker built in TI basic for the TI 84 plus CE. For more information view the included read me.

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  20. I know that James Vernon and Patrick Davidson already made much better TI-84 Plus CE shoot-em-ups in ASM (Spaze Invaders and Calcuzap), but for a long while I wanted to jump in the 2D space shooter bandwagon and decided to make one written in hybrid TI-BASIC: GalagACE. Basically, this game is a remake of the crappy Space Invaders clone I made in early 2002, which could be found in Omnimaga Pack 25 games in 1. I decided to rename it to GalagACE, which is a play with the words Galaga, Ace and CE. I am now using sprites rather than the home screen. This remake now has 18 stages, new scoring system, allows you to shoot three bullets at once and new graphics.

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  21. This is a 2D Minecraft Clone.

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  22. In this game, you must fly around the screen capturing grey squares, all while under a time crunch! The movement is simple and intuitive to use, yet refreshingly different and difficult to truely master. Multiple control schemes (arrow keys and number pad) are readily available in-game, to accommodate your preferred method of playing. Featuring multiple modes of difficulty and highscore tables for each, hours of fun are to be had! Screenshots Coming soon! Update: Speed improvements and renamed difficulties.

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  23. This program demonstrates the popular "Escape the Room" genre of games on the TI color graphing calculators. Escape the room you are in by using the materials inside and solving puzzles. This is a very short game, but it is supposed to rather be a demonstration of an obscure genre on calculators games. Pictures are made with MS Paint and it's coded with pure TI-BASIC. Hope you enjoy!

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  24. A Minesweeper program that will sweep you into a fun, classic puzzle! Find all the mines on the screen to win. This version includes varying difficulties, different text and control styles, custom options, automatic clearing, and a saving and loading feature, all written in pure TI-BASIC for the TI-84 Plus C calculators. Happy solving!

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  25. This is a tower defense game. Kinda like a simplified clash royal. View the included read me for more information.

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  26. Introducing an all-new method of calculator text adventures! You, a black dwarf named Grimbis, must recover a magical orb belonging to Gawyn, the lord of all realms. Can you solve the puzzles, recover the orb, and keep the land in eternal winter?

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  27. This game places you as the operator of a space craft as you attempt to shoot down ALL of the asteroids hurtling towards you.
    If you miss one, you lose a point.
    If you hit one, you gain a point.

    [<] Moves spacecraft left
    [>] Moves spacecraft right
    [Up] or [2nd] Fires up
    [Enter] or [Alpha] Pause
    [Mode] Quit

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  28. A dungeon crawler RPG with action and puzzle elements. As an unarmed, regular civilian, go on an epic quest to defeat a mischievous group called the Terrors and bring peace back to the world! This game is fully compatible with non-color and color calculators; you can use the same game files for both the +C and non-color calcs. There are no libraries, shells, or extensions required to run the game. If you want to erase your save, hit 0.
    Version 2.0 drops with all bugs fixed and minor gameplay tweaks. I basically rewrote the whole game into a single engine so it may be a bit slower to walk around.

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  29. It is widely known that opossums have the instinct to repel aliens. You can now practice your opossum massaging skills on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus CE and HP Prime calculators! There are three CE versions, sort-of: One of which uses Celtic CE but runs slower, an older one using ICE Compiler which no longer works with newer C library versions, a Game Boy ROM converted to appvar for use in TI-Boy CE emulator and the ROM file itself for use in a PC Game Boy emulator or on original hardware. The Game Boy version is included for use in TI-Boy CE because it runs smoother despite being emulated.

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  30. This is the classic connect four game with a 6x7 board.
    -Made for 2 players.
    -Easy to use.

    Make sure to click the ON button when one player has won (this will trigger the BREAK error).

    If you see any bugs, please send me a message or comment below.

    Please Enjoy!

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  31. Ten years after the events of Source Seekers, the nation of Dragonsglid invades our fair land Uvutu, starting with Taoweh, your hometown. Defeat Dragonsglid and rescue Uvutu from the cruel king Ossac!

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  32. Based on the computer game at without sound. Includes normal and hardcore game modes. 4 unique unlockable achievements and blinkless cursor. Have Fun!

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  33. Shades is a simple, zen-like game that is like a merge between Tetris and 2048. Combine tiles together in order to rack up the most points you possibly can! Just don't let the tiles stack to the top of screen! This is a port of the original iOS game created by UOVO.

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  34. A sword collecting game where you collect swords. It is somewhat boring but you can waste some time with it.


    Anyways, you can collect swords, read about them, and check how many you have.

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  35. A port of Stick Hero, for the CE! I took a lot of inspiration from PT_'s CSE port of the game, so check that out, too!

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  36. classic twist on the age old game of snake. Has Multiple Game modes with difficulties. I've included a drawing function where you can just draw the snakes and make some cool pics. All new super secret game mode menu.

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  37. The TV Game Show JEOPARDY!, now on your TI-84+CE! Be sure to read the Readme for the keys and controls. Note: Untested on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, but it might work.

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  38. Original Author:Arthur O'Dwyer
    TiCalc Page:

    This is a text adventure game in the style of Infocom or "Colossal
    Cave." Your goal is to enter the castle and make off with the king's
    treasure. To achieve this goal, you must solve puzzles by interacting
    with the game using simple English commands.


    5258 bytes to store prgmCASTLEA and prgmZSRL
    21956 bytes to store Pic7
    ~1500 bytes of free memory to run
    ~6700 total bytes RAM + 22kB ARC

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  39. This is a cool program where you can make your own pizzas, it has a list of ingredients that you can choose from to personalize your pizza including pepperoni, olives, sausage, pineapple, peppers, and red onions! You can also save your pizza as a picvar to enjoy it later!

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  40. The Classic board game brought to the TI-84 Plus CE. It does not require any special programs to run, the only requirements being:
    -Color Calculator
    -Recommended 4000 Bytes RAM
    -Logical Thinking
    This is the first build so please message me if you have any comments/bugs!

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  41. _TANK_BATTLE_ is a action-packed turn-based tank battle simulator with dynamic terrain and single player and pass-and-play modes.
    Single player, 2-player multiplayer, Dynamic wind and terrain, Competent AI, Graphical, colorful display, Realistic terrain generation

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  43. This is a sandbox/minecraft-style game in which you can generate countless random worlds of stone, dirt, grass, and lava/water. There are no actual game mechanics yet, but feel free to mess around with the generator and the cursor!

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  44. Click the blocks in order to fill the board with a single color. See if you can do it within a specified amount of moves! You should catch on pretty quickly ;) More info in the readme. Original game:

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  45. This is a TI-84 Plus CE remake of JWinslow23's PC and Atari 2600 game called Wal-Rush! This version is written in hybrid TI-BASIC (with the help of grosged Sprite library) and will not run on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. An older version that used CE Textlib by DrDnar is also included. You control a flying walrus who must avoid spikes and mines while eating blue fishes. Try to get the highest score possible!

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  46. Here is my land entry for CC20. The object of the game is to dodge the incoming cars and potholes. There is a high score list in which you can have up to 6 high scores!

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  47. robotfindskitten is a "Zen simulation" game where you control a robot, #, trying to find a kitten. On the screen are 13 symbols, one of which is the kitten. Your job is to walk around touching items until you find the kitten. Each item gives you a description. Play until you find the kitten!

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  48. This is modified version of Hobo Simulator by DevStuff for android. It involves the basic features like begging and eating. This is my first program to be uploaded on Cemetech so there might be some small bugs.

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