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Basic Avalanche Plus A simple spin off of Avalanche. COLLECT the "+" signs and AVOID the "-" signs. Press Clear to quit, and use arrow keys to move. More info in README. UPDATE 1.1 Added lives. you get +1 life every 50 points List containing high score now automatically archives and unarchives 476 6.8/10
Encryption - Two for One This program actually contains two programs, one from me and one from tibasic. The co-authors are the ones that lead me to the site and helped me to better understand how to make the program, so thank you. For all of the legality about tibasic's program, please read the first … 302
Customizable Phrase Generator Generates a random phrase for you, based off of sentence structures and vocab. You can add vocabulary and different sentence structures, and you can also choose to add a pre-existing set of vocab, along with a sentence structure, if you want. See the README for more information. 466 10/10
BasicNote v1.0 beta1 BasicNote is an Advanced Note-Taking program in pure TI-BASIC. You can create new notes, edit the notes and note titles, delete all notes at once or delete individual notes, and more to come! Please read the included readme file to learn more about it, the controls, and all the … 577 8/10
Shades Shades is a simple, zen-like game that is like a merge between Tetris and 2048. Combine tiles together in order to rack up the most points you possibly can! Just don't let the tiles stack to the top of screen! This is a port of the original iOS game created by UOVO. 2992 9.7/10
Flood-It Click the blocks in order to fill the board with a single color. See if you can do it within a specified amount of moves! You should catch on pretty quickly ;) More info in the readme. Original game: 2196 9.5/10
CECraft This is a sandbox/minecraft-style game in which you can generate countless random worlds of stone, dirt, grass, and lava/water. There are no actual game mechanics yet, but feel free to mess around with the generator and the cursor! 2226 8.2/10
BasicNote CE BasicNote is an advanced text-editor written completely in the calculator's TI-Basic language! It is perfect for when you need to jot down a quick note, or even if you want to have fun creating several pages of notes. The program has several features that you might expect from … 2170 10/10
Loopover CE Loopover is a simple yet challenging game in which you must solve a 5x5 alphabetical puzzle. Solve the rows of letters but make sure to not rescramble too much what you've already solved! Based on the game Use the arrow keys to move rows and columns, use [alpha] [m… 214 9.3/10
Terrain CE Terrain CE is an isometric terrain renderer, included with a terrain generator as well as a map editor. You can generate random seeds and rotate your renders from 4 different angles. More features and perhaps a 3d model program coming soon! Thanks to mr womp womp for incredible … 281 10/10
Fruit Ninja CE Fruit Ninja CE, for the TI 84+ CE, is an arcade game based on the original Halfbrick Studios Fruit Ninja app! In this game you must slice fruits with your finger while avoiding hitting the bombs, in order to get the highest score possible. Since there is no touch screen on th… 2573 9.3/10


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