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Create, edit, import and export notes and text files to your calculator for viewing. Source code is included. Enjoy!


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Archive Contents

Name Size
TextEditCE/convert/ConvText.exe 53.9 KB
TextEditCE/convert/Readme.txt 302 bytes
TextEditCE/NOTES.8xp 4.7 KB
TextEditCE/ReadMe.txt 820 bytes
TextEditCE/src/build.bat 300 bytes
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/buildimages.bat 33 bytes
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/convpng.ini 87 bytes
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/icon.asm 1.1 KB
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/icon.bmp 670 bytes
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/icon.png 569 bytes
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/images.inc 90.4 KB
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/images.txt 7 bytes
TextEditCE/src/data/gfx/PAL.bmp 71.9 KB
TextEditCE/src/data/ImageData.asm 13.0 KB
TextEditCE/src/data/TextData.asm 1.7 KB
TextEditCE/src/includes/defines.inc 1.3 KB
TextEditCE/src/includes/macros.inc 897 bytes
TextEditCE/src/includes/ti84pce.inc 124.1 KB
TextEditCE/src/Notes.asm 2.4 KB
TextEditCE/src/ReadMe.txt 869 bytes
TextEditCE/src/routines/appvar.asm 4.3 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/appvar.ez80 4.4 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/editing.asm 10.3 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/editing.ez80 10.3 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/initialization.asm 4.2 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/initialization.ez80 4.2 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/keyboard.asm 775 bytes
TextEditCE/src/routines/keyboard.ez80 652 bytes
TextEditCE/src/routines/LCD.asm 2.6 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/LCD.ez80 1.7 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/mainscrn.asm 3.9 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/mainscrn.ez80 4.2 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/other.asm 1.2 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/other.ez80 1.2 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/text.asm 2.0 KB
TextEditCE/src/routines/text.ez80 2.1 KB
TextEditCE/src/tools/NEED_TOOLS.txt 75 bytes
TextEditCE/src/tools/PicConvert.exe 506.5 KB
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7 years, 5 months ago


10/10 (14 votes)


This is excellent and a super useful addition to any 84 Plus CE. One thing I would like to see is a readme file including shortcuts on how to obtain symbols and punctuation. They can be quite obscure and forgettable at times.

This program is wonderful! It is very fast, simple and straight to the point. You can create however many notes as necessary and name them however you want, and they are all very safely stored. The line breaks are also a nice addition. I think it would be cool to see at least some word wrapping in the program, however the program makes up for it with the sheer speed, accuracy and responsiveness of the editor. 10/10, very effective and gets the job done.


  1. Text Editor CE (published 7 years, 5 months ago; 2017-02-01 01:53 UTC)