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These programs are for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators, including the 83+ SE and 84+ SE. They are mostly not compatible with the color-screen 84+ CSE or CE variants, but some BASIC programs can be run on all of them.



  1. A complete Tic-Tac-Toe game with the following features:

    Compatible with 83, 83+, 83+SE, 84+, and 84+SE.
    Special code for the 84+CSE while still maintaining monochrome compatibility.
    2 Player mode, "O" goes first.
    1 Player mode, Player (O) goes first.
    Select between 6 levels of AI difficulty, perfect for gameplay for younger players.
    The "Impossible" AI cannot be beat! Try it yourself!
    Keeps score between games until program is quit.
    Nested DCS icons for both monochrome and color calcs.
    Written in pure BASIC!

    Please enjoy!

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  2. A rendition for Galaga, now on your calculator! Read the included readme for details.

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  3. My implementation of Tetris for the TI-83+/84+ devices, featuring code written completely in TI-BASIC (with 95%+ coding done on the calculator itself), a custom menu, a pause menu, saving, loading, highscores (just numbers, sadly), and a help-screen.

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  4. This game is a test of your quick thinking math skills. Using the four numbers from 1-9, and pretty much any math operation, get the numbers to equal 21. Good luck!

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  5. This is a clone of the number game 2048 ( Slide tiles around and combine them until you get a tile with the number 2048 on it! Requires DoorsCS7. Auto-saving after every turn included.

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  6. This is my version of Tetris that was originally made on the color 84+ Silver Edition and back ported to the 83 and 83+. This was a fun experiment on how I would make a Tetris game in BASIC and expand my abilities as a programmer.

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  7. The very popular iOS/Android app is now for TI-83/83+/84+, optimized for 84+. This program has MORE OPTIONS than the original app, including SPEED and GRAVITY settings, and instructions. NO external programs like MirageOS needed and under 1,8k storage required.

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  8. Crossy Road

    Press Up Arrow To Advance.
    Avoid the "-".
    If The "-" Hits You You Die.
    If You Die The Game Stops.

    Missing Items

    (May Update Eventually)

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  9. This version of Snake may look familiar, but it was created completely different. It includes options for speed, number of food items on screen, and also has an option to set the number of obstacles in a map. Of course, a level editor is included to construct an intense maze for the snake to meander through. One nice thing about this version is that food can appear on top of the snake, thus allowing you to fill the entire screen. To get even better, it has a high score feature where you can input your own name, or at least part of it!

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  10. Quantum World is a BASIC game created by Photonic Studios in which your objective is to get to the top of the screen via jumping and strafing around in a randomly generated world. You are a pixel and you must jump around in order to get to the top. Once you get to the top, jump again to finish the level.

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  11. This cool graphical Space Invaders game lets you shoot the UFOs, which come ever closer to destroying you. Get their shields down to 0% before they get you! Now with calculator file.

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  12. This game is designed to work across ALL TI-83/84 calculators. Yes, finally a program that works with both monochrome and color calculators! In this game YOU make your own craft to fly through checkpoints! Using intuitive controls, you can create amazing crafts! This new version includes a revamped save and load system which allows you to save 30 custom-named ships! Save files are also compatible across all calculators. It also includes optimizations to the build system which makes it 3 times faster than what the screenshots show. This program won the 2017 December Project of the Month!

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  13. This is the completely recoded version of a game I made early in my programming career. The goal is to naviagate through an asteroid belt without getting hit. Make your way through four increasingly difficult levels to beat the game!

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  14. Start an exciting career as a bowling pro. Battle your way through 4 challenging tournaments to earn the title of World Champion. Win trophies to prove your skill. Purchase items along the way to help improve your game. Realistic bowling engine allows you to put actual spin on the ball, giving the game a true bowling feel.
    Traditional bowling not your type? Arcade mode presents 4 different versions of bowling, enough to keep anyone occupied. Highscores are saved so that you can always compete for the best. No friends to bowl with? Just start a battle with the built in AI. Mutiplayer lets you choose a combination of up to 7 human/AI opponents. And of course you can Save and Load games.

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  15. Finally completed, this fully graphical baseball game lets you play a realistic game of baseball against the calculator. You take turns pitching, catching, and hitting; strikes, balls, outs, and the score are recorded. You can save a game in the middle and return to it later, and oncalc help is included. Doors CS v4.0 optimized.

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  16. This program is a battle simulator game. User gets control of a Pokemon, and has to train it through 20 levels, during which a computer generated opponent becomes more and more powerful. The rest of the details are in the readme.

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  17. A 3D gravity guy of sorts. Instead of the original sidescroller where you switch from top to bottom, it is coming towards you. There is a highscore feature. Becuase of the way I set the graphics up, you need ~9000 bytes to play.

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  18. Inspired by the games BitLife and Instant Life, comes Life Simulator! With custom menus and scenarios, this game brings you into a new life, with some differences that make your experience as enjoyable as possible! With many menus to explore, the possibilities are endless! You can do everything that you can't do in normal life, and more! Hope you enjoy!

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  19. This is a Mario game made pretty much in pure BASIC (except for an asm snippet to fix the bug with the Text() command, grr). Featuring 6 worlds, 5 enemy types, animated coin blocks, and MUCH more, this is a truly must-have for your calculator if you are at all interested at gaming. It is the first BASIC Mario game of its size (~14,000 bytes) and has good looking graphics on top of that. Yahoo! All instructions are included in the readme.

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  20. This is a fast, neat version of the classic Frogger. Ten difficulty levels! Version 2.0 now contains the calculator file, three lives, and a more advanced graphic engine. Check out the screenshots!

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  21. This is a fast, text-based tetris game. Version 2.2 includes all new pieces, even faster drawing routines, as well as an added bonus, a demo of v3.0beta, a fully-graphical version. Check out the screenshots!

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  22. This program lets you race a *3D* bike down a randomly-created trail using the ReaL3D Engine. Use the arrows to steer the bike; when you have gone 100 blocks you will reach the finish line and can continue for bonus points. Go of the road, however, and you lose. This version represents a huge improvement over the previous iteration, offering much more challenging gameplay, two difficulty levels, the ability to view your highscore, and speed and size optimizations. Now includes both TI-83 and TI-83+/SE/84+/SE files.

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  23. For lack of a better name, this is Arcade, a space shooter-type game in which you must defeat a plethora of enemy ships that fire back at you. It contains an intelligent AI, increasing difficulty throughout, high score storage, and Doors CS 4.0 optimiation all at under 1KB! Check it out.

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  24. A033 is a puzzle/exploration game written in pure TI-Basic for the homescreen of TI84SE and TI84CE. The objective of the game is to move the player character (pi) to collect points by earning (+) and (*) items, and avoiding contact with enemies (e), (i), and later in the game (n). By finding a stick (/) you can defeat enemies, and earn more points. When an adventure is ended, your highscore is saved and your moves are counted. There are 4 main worlds to explore, and 4 smaller bonus worlds.

    Please note that this program requires the five included subprograms to function correctly. c:

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  25. CSE and Monochrome series RPG title using Doors. Play as an unknown hero trying to save his town from foreign rule. Take up your arms, grab your calculator and get ready to fight! Turn-based combat, xLIB sprites, hours of gameplay, and more! After almost one and a half long years in the making, and after the port taking half a year, this full calculator RPG has finally been released on two platforms! Read the readme for extra details. v1.4

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  26. This incredible program contains a completely graphical interface, a beautifully rendered airplane cockpit with working controls, and different levels of play. Features include: * Takeoff with graphical runway * Flight with altitude, pitch/roll, etc. indicators in working control panel * Easy-to-understand controls * Autopilot or manual flight control * High scores Check it out!

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  27. A classic arcade game that has been reproduced many times on the calculator. Everyone i have talked to have said things about using Eulers number, whatever that is. I couldn't seem to figure out what it was so i came up with my own way to create snake using lists to store the places you've been. there is an easy, medium, and hard mode but they don't change the speed. instead they change how long you grow every time you eat a pixel.

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  28. Inspired by Lufia, Quest 64, Dragon Quest, Illusiat and Mana Force series, Darkblasters is a role-playing game meant to showcase pure TI-BASIC graphical capabilities while trying to keep speed as fast as possible. It was completed in 11 days including the demo code from 2012 (included) and it features over 340 rooms to explore, NPC's, some items and magic spells, many monsters and sprite-based graphics. No ASM/Axe/Grammer lib were used, in order to ensure full compatibility with 15 MHz z80 calculator models that lacks official ASM support. This version adds new optimizations, thanks to mr womp womp's suggestions, making the game 180 bytes smaller.

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  29. This is an incredible Sim City program, with real 8x8 sprites, a huge board to build on, cool road sprites, autosave of cities and total elimination of memory errors found in other Sim City programs. Also includes the ability to share cities between calculators, and cool real-time movement of people in and out of your city. Create 20 different types of buildings, environments, and transportation for the inhabitants of your city. Get people to move into every house and building and win; lose all your money and start the game over (you can reuse maps). This update of Sim City 2003 eliminates the wait for the city to render, adds a more intelligent simulation mode, and provides a graph of your city's monetary progress. Doors CS v4.0 optimized.

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  30. Collect rings and save the Flickies in Sonic TI-Blast! There are five acts plus an endless Ring-collecting mode.
    This version is fully compatible with DoorsCS7 and MirageOS.

    - Special stages now deduct the number of rings required to enter them. (While still giving you enough rings so as to not get softlocked)
    - It is no longer possible to farm more than 3 chaos emeralds in PPZ act 2.

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  31. This is an early release of Kyle Chiu's Five Nights at Freddy's 2,
    for Basic, enhanced by my RAGE graphics engine. There are testing
    issues I hope the experts here can chime in on:

    1. Greyscale tested on a REAL 83+
    2. General Debugging, testing

    On this site, as well as VTI, greyscale seems buggy, so a real TI
    is needed. Currently, the Basic code does not reflect the latest
    build for the library. This has been delegated to Kyle to fix. In
    fact, the Basic code needs completely rewritten to reflect all the
    new images in the library. Originally in only used Pic0-9. Now
    greyscale splash screens.

    {13}:Asm(prgmFNAFLIB to install greyscale
    {14}:Asm(prgmFNAFLIB to uninstall greyscale
    {12,data0,data1}:Asm(prgmFNAFLIB to display splash screen

    data0 and data1 point to vertically compressed image data.
    Press CLEAR to exit splash screen.

    Note: many functions in the library are unused by the Basic code,
    however they are left in for future potential. Whoever can test
    and debug the greyscale 1st will be credited when the RAGE engine
    is re-released on The old release is.... outdated...

    Kyle Chiu:
    William White:

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  32. This is an update to Minesweeper v1.1 and 2.0. Now for ease of transfer it includes the calculator file with several updates. AutoUncover has been added, the time keeping feature has been optimized, and high score tables have been added. Three difficulty levels are now available for extended play time. Doors CS v4.0+ optimized, now for TI-83+, TI-83, and TI-73.

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  33. This is a very memory efficient and simple RPG.
    There are only two buttons to press.
    [2ND] and [ALPHA].
    If you press [2ND], you confirm your selection.
    The opposite for [ALPHA].

    The game auto-saves.
    And the enemies are weak.

    Have fun.

    R.I.P. The graphically awesome version of this game.

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  34. This is a cool, all-graphical game where you roll the ball at ten pins. After 6 frames of 3 rolls each, you get a chart with your score. Highly accurate bowling; you get to set direction and power. Check out the screenshots!

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  35. This game is just like Flappy Bird, except it fits in a 4x3-pixel box! The entire game is upscaled to fit the screen, so as to not have to make you squint to see it ;) . The game is simple; just choose a difficulty from Easy, Normal, and Hard, and press UP to flap your definitely-yellow-and-not-olive-green bird. Authored for (and took second place in) CodeWalrus Mini-Contest #1: 4x3.

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  36. This is an amazing Breakout-type game with awesome graphics and many features. You can proceed through ten levels that you can play, quit and do other stuff, and then come back and play the same level. You can set the difficulty level or play a quick Demo game. Highscore tables when you win. Now optimized and optimized for Doors CS v4.0 and up. Incredible - check out the screenshots!

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  37. RPG where you must locate the Crystals of Power in order to help you defeat the Enemy

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  38. This is v2.0 of my Sudoku program. Features include randomly generated puzzles, rotational symmetry on puzzles for balance and aesthetics, a scoring system, and four levels of difficulty. Compatible with all major shells including Doors CS, MirageOS, and CrunchyOS. I am currently working on a save system for the next version. Note: the animated screenshot is on a TI-83+, so puzzle generation is much quicker on the 84+.

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  39. Welcome to Descent Delivery! The future of delivery is here! Control a package inside a delivery room, and guide it to the delivery truck. The package moves until it hits a wall, so you must be smart in maneuvering through the many rooms. Good luck! UPDATE: Fixed small bugs with game elements

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  40. TI-Craft is a game for the TI-83+/84+/SE. In this game you can place and destroy blocks to build structures like houses and statues. Other features include flying and jump power ups, electricity, and tnt. this also comes wit a random world generator to add a little fun to your worlds. Have fun with

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  41. TI-Thrash is a homescreen, arcade-style fighting game, one like you've never seen before! Attack the enemy, and perform combos to charge up your Charged Power bar! Once it's filled, unleash a devestating Super Thrash attack to your enemy! Pick between 3 characters to duke it out with the CPU in up to 9 rounds of intense battle!
    TI-Thrash is fully compatible, without any modifications, between the monochrome and color 8x calcs.

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  42. This is the complete recoded MeGaMan series, a trilogy in which you must battle various enemies and bosses to reach the end. In the first part, you must defeat a guardian and get past him to the second level. In the second part, you are pitted against three enemies in a factory; once you defeat each of them you proceed to the boss. The third part is the boss, a two-headed robot with double your firepower. Defeat it to win the game! Excellent graphics engine; check it out!

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  43. Battle Quest 3 is an excellent BASIC RPG for the TI-83/84+. It features such things as 100+ pieces of equipment, over 90 enemies (including 19 bosses), several different items, four playable characters (you have either one or two at a time in your party) , and a hot key battle system that allows you to instantly use any command for your character. It also contains a large number of cutscenes that well develop the storyline and a lottery so that you can make a lot of money-if you're lucky.

    Merits a 9/10 for TI-83+/84+ RPGs.

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  44. The ultimate drag racing game for the 84+ has arrived! Collect, Race and Upgrade 30 different cars, or create your own car from the ground up and share it with the world.
    Compete in 5 different event types- Climb the rankings in officially sanctioned Ladder races, assert your racing prowess over CSR's best racers in the challenging Crew Battle mode,
    demonstrate true mastery of your car in Car Specific races, just make some quick cash in Regulation races, or- once you've completed all the other modes- experience the freedom of Custom Spec races.
    The game's shell compatible, too. Can you conquer the drag strip?

    V1.3.1 fixes the paintshop and makes some optimizations.

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  45. Scarth v1.0 is a full-featured, graphical Scorched Earth clone. You and the calculator face off in tanks on randomly-generated terrain, taking turns firing missiles at one another. I made this game after several community members lamented the lack of an adequate scorched earth game for the z80 calculator series. Under 3K; includes scoring, beautiful graphics, and more! Optimized for Doors CS 5 and higher.

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  46. This game is the updated version of a game I made about two and a half
    ago in BASIC during the summer, entirely in Virtual TI. It's much faster
    on all 83 and 84 calculators, includes levels, better powerups, and more,
    and even has customizable key bindings. Doors CS 4 and higher optimized!

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  47. An intense 2 player straegy game. It features fast board rendering times, and the ability to save/load games. This program scored an 89.5 in the UTI 2005/2006 Basic programming contest. Now enhanced for use with Doors CS 6

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  48. Yet another interpretation of the classic pong game. This version doesn't loop and gets harder over time. It has smooth and fast gameplay (for a calculator) and has an interesting highscore feature. Two-calculator-Multiplayer coming soon!

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