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These programs are for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators, including the 83+ SE and 84+ SE. They are mostly not compatible with the color-screen 84+ CSE or CE variants, but some BASIC programs can be run on all of them.


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  1. The incredibly difficult app that has people throwing their iPhones in frustration is now on the TI!

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  2. This Calculus Program is designed to assist students with the topics of calculus. The topics are based off of an AP Calculus BC class so that both AB and BC topics are included such as limits, L'Hopital's, related rates, Riemann sums, parametrics, polars, series, and more. The program includes specialized functions such as text wrapping, custom notes, and a customizable formula solver. Both a program and an app are included in this download. The program is compatible with monochrome and color calculators (TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE). The app is only compatible with monochrome calculators (TI-83/84/+/SE).

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  3. A complete Tic-Tac-Toe game with the following features:

    Compatible with 83, 83+, 83+SE, 84+, and 84+SE.
    Special code for the 84+CSE while still maintaining monochrome compatibility.
    2 Player mode, "O" goes first.
    1 Player mode, Player (O) goes first.
    Select between 6 levels of AI difficulty, perfect for gameplay for younger players.
    The "Impossible" AI cannot be beat! Try it yourself!
    Keeps score between games until program is quit.
    Nested DCS icons for both monochrome and color calcs.
    Written in pure BASIC!

    Please enjoy!

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  4. Weighing in at under just under 1KB and demonstrating the power of Doors CS, this full-featured text editor allows you to create, view, save, and open text files within an attractive and intuitive GUI interface. With Doors CS's associated program feature, you can open files from Doors CS without having Document DE open! New in Document DE 7 is cleaner compatibility with Doors CS 7's "HomeRun" feature, which lets you simply run documents from the TI-OS homescreen to edit them. Also new is an Insert Symbols window that gives you access to a wide variety of untypeable characters for your documents and notes. Combined with Tokenizer DE v1.0 or SourceCoder 2.5, you can even write TI-BASIC programs with Document DE 7! A .txt<>DocDE7 converter is available at Please note that Document DE 7 must be run with Doors CS 6.9 beta or higher. Source now included for reference.

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  5. Doors CS 7.4 is the ultimate shell and GUI for your TI graphing calculator. Run any BASIC or ASM program or game, including MirageOS, Ion, Doors CS, and nostub programs. Organize your programs into nested folders, lock, rename, copy, archive, hide, and edit programs directly from Doors CS, or use the HomeRun feature to run any program from the TI-OS homescreen. Doors CS is built to be extremely user-friendly, using a mouse-based interface to appeal to users accustomed to using computers who are frustrated by the many menus one must navigate on a TI calculator. On the opposite end of the user spectrum, it includes myriad keyboard shortcuts so that those who prefer to use a keyboard rather than a mouse can quickly and efficiently move through Doors CS. The Associated Program feature lets you click on any file, like game levels, documents, pictures, and songs, and have them automatically open with the correct viewer program. The CALCnet2.2 networking library makes possible communication and multiplayer gaming between two, twenty, or two billion calculators. Doors CS 7 contains full libraries for xLIB, Celtic III, PicArc, Omnicalc, and the new DCSB Libs; TI-BASIC programmers can now even use CALCnet.

    Doors CS 7.4 introduces support for the latest TI-84 Plus models, resolving problems with display drivers. Download Doors CS 7 today and experience the full power of your calculator!

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  6. A nice little horror aspect to the ti 84. Copy of the actual Five Nights at Freddy's by Scott Cawthon. This game is on a calculator, and do not expect the same quality game as the original. Please note that these files are EXTREMELY large and will take up a HUGE amount of data, but worth it (hopefully). Recommend using a TI 84 because of the need of processing power and Axe full mode. Now includes an app version for faster and more efficient gameplay. Game is still incomplete, changelog in the readme. Source included. ver 4.2

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  7. AllMath is a math program with many things; an algebra solver, trig, and more. Even has settings menu so you can customize decimals, and more.

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  8. This programs features:
    1) Radian to degree converter
    2) Degree to radian converter
    3) Trigonometric identities (formulas)
    4) Value finder which finds the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angle.
    5) Input 3 values of a triangle (sides or angles)and find the other two sides/angles and the area of the triangle!

    This is a MUST have program for any Algebra II, Trigonometry, or Pre-Calculus class!!! Mail me at if you find any bugs.

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  9. 2048

    2048 has been one of the top games in archives, but they have always felt something missing. They just didn't have the flair that I had expected when I downloaded them. Instead, I made my own :P. Has perfect grayscale and runs fast. Can move before the animation is finished for you speedy minds. Press 2nd to undo and arrows to control. Has a few implements that I did not do and just dont feel like doing, as well as a few calculator crashing bugs that aren't a huge problem. Compiled with Axe Parser. Source included.

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  10. A rendition for Galaga, now on your calculator! Read the included readme for details.

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  11. My implementation of Tetris for the TI-83+/84+ devices, featuring code written completely in TI-BASIC (with 95%+ coding done on the calculator itself), a custom menu, a pause menu, saving, loading, highscores (just numbers, sadly), and a help-screen.

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  12. Featuring a revolutionary control scheme, Fruit Ninja is a clone of that famous iPhone game by Halfbrick Studios, complete with bombs, combos, and beautiful 3D graphics. Swipe, flick, and zig-zag across your calculator's keypad to destroy the fruit. Winner of TI-Concours 2012. Compiled with Axe Parser v1.1.2. See for a video of this game in action.

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  13. This game came 2nd at the zContest. In the zip, you'll find a French version, an English version and a German version. You need a shell that can run Ion programs, such as Doors CS. This is a Pokemon game, based on Pokemon Yellow, but not a port of it. It features 44 Pokemons. Try to find them all in the grass and defeat the 8 bosses.

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  14. The latest release of mobileTunes takes advantage of Ben Ryves' QuadPlay routines combined with the GUI power of Doors CS 7 for a superior media experience. Play up to 4-channel MOD music and audio on your calculator through the I/O port while taking advantage of Doors CS's ability to open songs in the associated player simply by clicking on the song. Four sample songs are included plus documentation on how to make your own manually or using the Cemetech MIDI-to-mt3 converter (see readme). This version fixes Nspire compatibility.

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  15. You are the SQUARE. Avoid the BLACK circles and collect the WHITE circles. Once you have collected all of the WHITE circles, move to the CHECKERED region. You must complete all 30 levels in order to win the game. The lower amount of deaths you have, the better. It includes levels from The World's Hardest Game 1.0 and The World's Hardest Game II, and some of my own. It supports circular and rectangular movement, and for those who believe a line is not a rectangle, linear movement. In addition, it has smooth movement around corners as much as possible without making it too easy. Also, it can currently support external levels, with the ability to password protect levels from editing. Check it out! Good luck!

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  16. Balances chemical equations! Input an equation as a string and chemical equation solver will output a list containing the balanced coefficients. You can imagine its utility in chemistry class.

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  17. An ultra-small 256 byte version of the classic game snake.

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  18. This game is a test of your quick thinking math skills. Using the four numbers from 1-9, and pretty much any math operation, get the numbers to equal 21. Good luck!

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  19. This is a clone of the number game 2048 ( Slide tiles around and combine them until you get a tile with the number 2048 on it! Requires DoorsCS7. Auto-saving after every turn included.

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  20. Here is the port of the famous iDevices game by Halfbrick : Jetpack Joyride ! Fly with your jetpack, avoid enemies, get bonus and run as far as you can ! Works on most of the z80 calcs, including Ti-76, Ti-82 stats and Ti-83+. Ti-83+ version by myself, Ti-83 port by myself and thepenguin77.

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  21. This is my version of Tetris that was originally made on the color 84+ Silver Edition and back ported to the 83 and 83+. This was a fun experiment on how I would make a Tetris game in BASIC and expand my abilities as a programmer.

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  22. Minecraft by Betafreak is a game inspired by the famous Minecraft, as written by Markus "Notch" Peterson. This release is Alpha v 0.0.6, which adds a 24-space inventory accessible with Mode, as well as several speed optimizations and variable mining (Stone yields Cobblestone when mined, for instance). Please see "readme.txt" and "changelog.txt" for more information, as well as "instructions for developers.txt" if you are interested in helping with the project.

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  23. This is a great program for an highschool student needing hep in physics. This program does a LOT.
    1)Drop time
    2)Force between two charges
    Input charge values and distance between
    3)Super position (3 charges in an E-Field)
    Input charge values and distance betwem
    4)Force to move objects
    Even an option to input an angle at which you\'re exerting
    the force!
    Input distanc/force/angles.
    6)Mechanical advantage
    7)Work done
    9)Kinetic/potential energy
    10)and it does more too I just forgot what else. Enjoy!

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  24. Gossamer 1.0 is a web browser for TI-83+ through TI-84+SE graphing calculators, using Doors CS 7, CALCnet 2.2, and globalCALCnet to download and display web pages from the internet. Scroll by lines or pages, click links, and browse to arbitrary URLs. Gossamer requires Doors CS 7.2 Beta 2 or higher (see and can be used with an Arduino-based gCn bridge or a mini-USB cable. More info at

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  25. This is a program for finding pH, pOH, [H+] (Concentration of H+ ions)/ [OH-] (concentration of hydroxide ions). This WILL work on all of the TI-84 series of calculators, untested on the TI-83. All you need to do is input one of the values mentioned above, and the program will calculate the rest of the values. They are rounded to 3 decimal places, for ease of displaying on the TI-84+ screen. If the values go off-screen, or look messed up, please report this by reviewing the file. I will get it fixed and re-uploaded ASAP.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, PM me at or post a review on

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  26. The very popular iOS/Android app is now for TI-83/83+/84+, optimized for 84+. This program has MORE OPTIONS than the original app, including SPEED and GRAVITY settings, and instructions. NO external programs like MirageOS needed and under 1,8k storage required.

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  27. This allows you to do mole-to-mass, mass-to-mass, and mole-to-mole conversion. Will also do all needed calculations for stoichiometry. Read the included readme for further information.

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  28. This program solves physics equations pertaining to acceleration, time, velocity, and distance. A great tool for Physics class!

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  29. rom8x assists in creating a calculator ROM image, and does not require any special linking software. Simply run a program on your calculator, transfer the generated file(s) to your PC, and run the utility on your PC to generate a ROM file. Supports all 83+ and 84+ calculators, including the 84+ CSE.

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  30. Crossy Road

    Press Up Arrow To Advance.
    Avoid the "-".
    If The "-" Hits You You Die.
    If You Die The Game Stops.

    Missing Items

    (May Update Eventually)

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  31. Doors CS 6 brings ease-of-use, a mouse-based GUI, folders, networking, and more to your calculator. Run almost every filetype, including MirageOS, Ion, BASIC, ASM, and Doors CS programs. Extreme expandability and functionality for users and developers, plus a large and devoted support community. Now with an editor and more for BASIC programming, lots of tweaks and improvements, and full compatibility with the TI-Nspire calculator.

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  32. This version of Snake may look familiar, but it was created completely different. It includes options for speed, number of food items on screen, and also has an option to set the number of obstacles in a map. Of course, a level editor is included to construct an intense maze for the snake to meander through. One nice thing about this version is that food can appear on top of the snake, thus allowing you to fill the entire screen. To get even better, it has a high score feature where you can input your own name, or at least part of it!

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  33. Zombie Gun is an arena style survival zombie game. Features endless play, achievements, 10 or so different weapons, parallax scrolling, and much more! Created with Axe Parser for Cemetech Contest #8.

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  34. Quantum World is a BASIC game created by Photonic Studios in which your objective is to get to the top of the screen via jumping and strafing around in a randomly generated world. You are a pixel and you must jump around in order to get to the top. Once you get to the top, jump again to finish the level.

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  35. Introduction:

    Tag is a 2D puzzle platformer based off of the famous game Tag: The Power of Paint for the TI-83 series of calculators. It features 24 original levels with a fully-functional physics-based environment, along with creative and challenging gameplay. This game was written for the Omnimaga Axe parser contest.


    This game will only run at full speed on a TI-83 SE, TI-84, or a TI-84 SE calculator. It will run at reduced speeds on older calculators, i.e. the TI-83 and the TI-BE. Playing at reduced speed is not recommended, however, as it greatly impacts playability.

    This game requires 17551 bytes of RAM, as well as a shell that supports Ion. It is highly recommended that you store this file in archive and use a shell such as NoShell to open it.


    LEFT/RIGHT: Move
    UP: Jump
    ENTER: Pick up/drop boxes
    keys around XT&#952;N: Shoot paint/paint remover
    +: Change paint type


    For walkthroughs, development behind-the-scenes, and more, check out the official project site at

    Post Mortem:

    Runer112 - Crushed by a closing door - massive optimization help
    BuilderBoy - Launched into a spike pit - physics/logic help
    SirCmpwn - Deleted after the 23rd revision - sprite editor creator
    DJ_O - Forced to restart - Amazing forum master, brilliant guy
    thepenguin77 - Used speed gel and launched into a spike - random Q&A
    Omnimaga community - Exterminated via neurotoxin- support and help

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  36. This cool graphical Space Invaders game lets you shoot the UFOs, which come ever closer to destroying you. Get their shields down to 0% before they get you! Now with calculator file.

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  37. Double Dragon is a side scrolling arcade classic, now for your ti83+/84+. Winner of the TI Freakware Programming Contest, it features ten levels, varying enemies, greyscale graphics, eight directional movement, and speedy game play. The TI Mafia has your girlfriend, and you're left passed out on the street. You have nothing to lose. The cards are on the table, it's up to you to save the day.

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  38. This game is designed to work across ALL TI-83/84 calculators. Yes, finally a program that works with both monochrome and color calculators! In this game YOU make your own craft to fly through checkpoints! Using intuitive controls, you can create amazing crafts! This new version includes a revamped save and load system which allows you to save 30 custom-named ships! Save files are also compatible across all calculators. It also includes optimizations to the build system which makes it 3 times faster than what the screenshots show. This program won the 2017 December Project of the Month!

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  39. Do you take Calculus? Have you ever wanted to perform a quick antiderivation? Now you can! simply plug in the antiderivative of cx^n dx, and this nifty program will find the original equation in the form zx^p+C. Excellent graphics and interface; Doors CS v4.0 optimized.

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  40. This is a TI-Basic program that when you type in the variables for certain math equations, it gives you the answer to the math problem. It includes several Algebra Equations including slope, Pythagorean Theorem, distance, midpoint, and quadratic. It also includes geometry equations too.
    Edit: I added more options to the quadratic. Conversion planned. You can also find the nth number of the Fibonacci sequence. I hope you enjoy...

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  41. Well, here is a nice little math program for your TI-83+/84+ that will handle much of the math needed. It should be sufficent for the first semester of Algebra 1.

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  42. Grayscale Minesweeper 1 is a clone of the original minesweeper on the computer. It has almost flawless grayscale, a digital timer, a record keeper, and a cursor. It even has the smily face from the original! It can be run nostub or from an ion compatible shell, such as MirageOS or DoorsCS.

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  43. This programs calculates mass in grams of atomic structures.

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  44. This is the completely recoded version of a game I made early in my programming career. The goal is to naviagate through an asteroid belt without getting hit. Make your way through four increasingly difficult levels to beat the game!

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