Pokemon Topaze 1.15
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This game came 2nd at the zContest. In the zip, you'll find a French version, an English version and a German version. You need a shell that can run Ion programs, such as Doors CS. This is a Pokemon game, based on Pokemon Yellow, but not a port of it. It features 44 Pokemons. Try to find them all in the grass and defeat the 8 bosses.


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Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Link by zero44/PokeNAME.8xv 491 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Link by zero44/Readme.txt 939 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Link by zero44/smiley-wink.gif 351 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Link by zero44/ZPKMN0EN.8xp 3.2 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Link by zero44/ZPKMN0FR.8xp 3.2 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeARN.8Xv 120 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeATT.8Xv 196 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Pokedat.8Xv 692 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeDEX.8Xv 120 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeHG.8Xv 193 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/Pokemap.8xv 11.0 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/POKEMON (1.15).8xp 20.0 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeSave.8Xv 396 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeSPL ENGLISH.8xv 4.6 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeSPL FRENCH.8xv 4.6 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeSPL GERMAN.8xv 4.6 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeSPR.8xv 6.1 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeTxt ENGLISH.8xv 2.5 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeTxt FRENCH.8Xv 2.5 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeTxt GERMAN.8xv 2.5 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/PokeType.8Xv 136 bytes
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/readme.txt 10.0 KB
Pokemon Topaze 1.15/WARNING !.txt 215 bytes
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10 years, 8 months ago


8/10 (4 votes)


I downloaded this and was really great at first but then there was so many bugs it reset the game I had been playing multiple times and opened a glitched version this is a great game just could be better with bugs and stuff.

How do I leave?

This is a great game. It demonstrates the TI-84's capability very well. It has excellent map speed. The only problems I encountered were that I could never find a charmander in the grass. Also, when you defeat the elite four, nothing extra happens(you don't get anything for 'beating' the game. The only glitch I found-which was VERY annoying-was that my level 88 Raichu, when healed, would resort to 8/200ish health. The size was understandable. 9/10.

While this program may seem to be huge, like huge as in Texas vs. Maine huge, its worth every single byte for the speed and quality this game provides. Pokemon Topaze is a great clone of the original games i love.
Size: 8/10 it is very huge. however, when you see the quality of the game, it becomes apparent that size is not a limiting factor to this game.
Speed: 9/10 the game is highly responsive to you, so it never seems to be taking your time with loading. **** under crunchyOS and a separate program (some "3D" car racing, i think) this game runs at twice the speed, and the alpha key becomes glitchy. but who uses crunchyOS anyway? ****
Fun: 10/10 great fun for RPG/Leveling gamers. i find that the trainers choosing random Pokemon is actually a great twist, too.
replay: 4/10 hmm, this is the only category that Topaze is lacking. however, all Pokemon games are like this, so your not really missing much.
Overall: 8 + 9 + 10 + 4 = 31/40 = 77.5/100 also, although the gif is in french [i think], the game comes with english and dutch editions in the zip.


  1. Pokemon Topaze 1.15 (published 10 years, 8 months ago; 2013-10-19 16:13 UTC)