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Jetpack 8x(+) Here is the port of the famous iDevices game by Halfbrick : Jetpack Joyride ! Fly with your jetpack, avoid enemies, get bonus and run as far as you can ! Works on most of the z80 calcs, including Ti-76, Ti-82 stats and Ti-83+. Ti-83+ version by myself, Ti-83 port by myself and t… 2915 9/10
AxeDCS : DoorsCS 7 GUI axiom Use the Doors CS 7 GUI functions in your Axe programs ! This axiom is based on the DCS7 GUI API, allowing Axe programmers to work with buttons, checkboxes, number and text input and others ! The result is a program lighter and faster than any hand-written Axe GUI program ! 356
Super Crate Box v1.0 It's boxes time ! Super Crate Box is a hardcore game originally for PC and iOS in which you have to catch the boxes and dodge or kill the enemies endlessly and aimlessly walking through the level. Killing an enemy doesn't give you points, only getting a crate does ! Also, beware… 770 8/10
IkarugaX z80 danmaku / shoot-them-up Maybe you know the Ikaruga series, a Japanese-style shooter for various consoles. Well, this game is one those games where you will have to restart hundreds of times to finally beat it. Be prepared, the 5 levels of this game are subject to generate high levels of rage. Beat doze… 532 10/10
[Contest 12] A new perspective Ever wondered how did the inner mechanisms of today's popular 3D games worked ? This course centered on 3D mathematics and programming will help you understand those seemingly complicated principles. Usable right on your TI-83+/84+, this program allows you to manage bookmarks an… 334
nKaruga v0.1b This is the beta release of nKaruga, a faithful clone of the famous shoot-them-up Ikaruga for your TI-Nspire ! Every instruction you need is in the included file. Take a look at the screenshots and give the game a try ! Being in beta stages, only level 1 is available, … 930


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