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Stoichiometry Solver This little program solves for the mass in grams, number of moles, or the number of molecules between two chemicals. For TI-84+CSE only. Uses Pic4. Includes DCSE 8 icon. This update fixes calculations involving Avogadro's number. 7297 2.6/10
Customizable Formula Solver This program is able to be customized to solve a formula by editing line 2 and 3 of this program. It solves any simple formula such as Q=MGH, F=MA, V=LWH, etc. Compatible with TI-8x calculators, including TI-84+CSE. Please read the readme for more information. 820
Custom Formula Pro Akin to FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire, this program can solve systems of formulas that range from 2 to 9 variables. It is compatible for TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE calculators. You can input your known variables and, if it is solvable, the program will automatically solve and display … 1042
Encryption - Two for One This program actually contains two programs, one from me and one from tibasic. The co-authors are the ones that lead me to the site and helped me to better understand how to make the program, so thank you. For all of the legality about tibasic's program, please read the first … 304
24 Game Solver This program finds the solutions for the 24 game, a math puzzle where the 4 common math operators are used to create an expression equal to 24 with 4 random integers from 1-9. Just input the four numbers and, with time, this program will output the solutions. Compatible with TI-… 481 7.5/10
Calculus Program This Calculus Program is designed to assist students with the topics of calculus. The topics are based off of an AP Calculus BC class so that both AB and BC topics are included such as limits, L'Hopital's, related rates, Riemann sums, parametrics, polars, series, and more. The p… 8641 9.5/10


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