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As of 8 hours, 51 minutes ago, Roguebantha had authored 2 files. The following statistics were current then, but may have changed in the intervening time.

With 2 files, Roguebantha is at rank 28 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 2923 times, placing Roguebantha at rank 163 for total downloads of their files.

Title Description Downloads Average rating
A physics program to solve equations This program solves physics equations pertaining to acceleration, time, velocity, and distance. A great tool for Physics class! 2376
LinuxOS for TI83+/84/SE BIOS v6.9 The absolute newest version of LinuxOS as of May 8th, 2013. This program requires the newest version of the BatLib parser hook (included) to run. Execute program LINUXOS first, and choose Build System. This will compile all of the Linux Progs, and set up a user environment and b… 551 4.5/10


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