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AAIONIA: Making hard-coding sprites easy! Ever wanted to make a really cool looking sprite, but the only way to do it is by hard-coding it? This program will allow you to easily make that sprite and even allow you to test it so you will know exactly how your sprite will look in-program! AAIONIA current features: -Ma… 480
CC20 Water: Too Many Boats! Too Many Boats is a fast-paced game of decisions written in pure BASIC for CC20 water. You are the commander of a Dock, you have: 3 docks, a revenue requirement, reputation, and a time limit. Within the time limit, you must decide to either accept or reject barges carrying… 887
CC20 Air/ Space: JPL v.3.1 This game is designed to work across ALL TI-83/84 calculators. Yes, finally a program that works with both monochrome and color calculators! In this game YOU make your own craft to fly through checkpoints! Using intuitive controls, you can create amazing crafts! This new version… 1707 8.6/10
Doors CS 9 Icon Creator This program was originally made by tifreak8x, I only created and implemented the load code. Doors is NOT required to run this program. This program is a utility for programmers to create cool icons to go with their programs. It will show up in Cesium, Doors CS 8, and the upcom… 522 7/10
Cemetech Logo drawing program, in COLOR Kerm Martian's Cemetech logo drawing program, ported to the color screen calculators by me, SM84CE. This program will draw the Cemetech logo on to your graph screen. See readme for more detail and credits that explain who did what. Doors or Cesium is NOT required to run this.… 381
Text to Morse Code (With screen flash) This useful tool will convert your text into Morse code! Not only that, but it will flash your Morse code back to you using the screen brightness! You can also save and load strings of Morse code for the calculator to flash back. This program also has other features such as sett… 577
Advanced Brightness Utility This program gives you near full control over the LCD brightness! *You can quickly get the current brightness value by simply starting the program. *You can now brighten and darken the screen over the limits of the OS. *You can also increase brightness in smaller increments. … 2172 8.6/10
Advanced Wait State Changer. (Make your CE 30% faster!) This program gives you near full control over the Wait State time! Please note it is not compatible with some new CE calculators. More information at the program's thread: ! Features: *You can now speed up or slow down the calculator beyond the OS limits. (Up… 2630 10/10
DVD Screensaver! Remember the days of DVD and CRT? Now you can relive those days of watching the DVD image endlessly bounce around the screen and *almost* hitting a corner! Take revenge on that DVD image by downloading this program and finally getting the satisfaction of seeing the image perfect… 1133 8/10
CC22: JPL4 - A rocket building game! JPL is a highly customizable game where you find yourself in your very own Windows 2000 themed spaceship builder! Your goal is to design and build your space ship, then fly it through checkpoints and try to rack up the highest score! Try and build the fanciest craft you can, but… 715 10/10
High Definition Picture Viewer CE! Take full control of the entire LCD to display high resolution images! Instead of looking at the low-quality graph screen, you can now view pictures on your calculator with amazing quality! Check out the screenshot for the comparison! An easy to use converter is included along w… 12286 9.8/10
HD Picture Viewer CE v2.0.0 High Definition Picture Viewer CE is a nifty tool that allows you to utilize the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE's full screen resolution for viewing images! Version 2 dramatically increases the resolution supported! Zoom and pan features allow most images up to 1080p to be… 334


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