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These programs are for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators, including the 83+ SE and 84+ SE. They are mostly not compatible with the color-screen 84+ CSE or CE variants, but some BASIC programs can be run on all of them.



  1. The latest release of mobileTunes takes advantage of Ben Ryves' QuadPlay routines combined with the GUI power of Doors CS 7 for a superior media experience. Play up to 4-channel MOD music and audio on your calculator through the I/O port while taking advantage of Doors CS's ability to open songs in the associated player simply by clicking on the song. Four sample songs are included plus documentation on how to make your own manually or using the Cemetech MIDI-to-mt3 converter (see readme). This version fixes Nspire compatibility.

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  2. NoteMan is essentially a simple sound driver for the TI-84+ calculators including the TI-84+CSE. It can be used to easily interact with external audio devices (such as headphones or speakers) through either TI-BASIC or Z80 Assembly. It can be used to play songs stored as music strings (see the README) or play single tones from specified wavelengths.

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  3. A modified version of mobileTunes 3.0, this media player lets you use a calculator and a floppy drive to make harmonious music. A full set of build plans and schematics for the project can be found at, along with videos and pictures.

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  4. An updated version, nearly 2 years later, of my wonderful MT3 collection. Has new songs from various games and even a Doctor Who song.

    will be updated as more free time is obtained.

    update: 1/21/2015. A love for game of thrones compelled me to do Rains of Castamere

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  5. TI-Band is a new, revolutionary idea. It currently contains a trumpet, piano, and guitar. It even has its own forum topic at: Made with Axe. This project is now 'dead' so I have included the source so you can see how I made this program.

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  6. This is the final release of Nibls With Sound. All bugs have been fixed. This is a simple game of nibls with sound for those who know how to play music on their calculator. The game also includes high score with initials. It was programmed entirely on calc using OTBP's assembler. There are currently 3 levels included, though you can go for as long as you possible.

    Download if you want a game, or even if you just want some sound.

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  7. This code turns the TI-84+ into a 1-bit, non-polyphonic instrument.

    The program lets the user use 15 buttons to play notes from a scale and use the other buttons to define the scale currently being used.

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