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Amusing menu based game 2.0 So basically the title says it all. Download if you want but if you don't I don't care! Try it out anyways Some changes.... Now includes documentation if you want to see the changes. Now this time I uploaded the right version 1.2 not 1.1....... 438
Choice battle game Well basicly its a shooting game where you can choose your ship, enemy ship, and weapon. my first decent game thats not text based, 564 5/10
Basic Effect Pax Errrr little effect pack for complete Ti-basic idiots 246
Qazz's MT3 collection. An updated version, nearly 2 years later, of my wonderful MT3 collection. Has new songs from various games and even a Doctor Who song. will be updated as more free time is obtained. update: 1/21/2015. A love for game of thrones compelled me to do Rains of Castamere 957 9.2/10
TI-Mail TI-Mail is an advanced mail program created with the DCSB Libs so, Doors CS 7 is required to use it 396 8.5/10


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