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Doors CS 7.2 is the ultimate shell and GUI for your TI graphing calculator. Run any BASIC or ASM program or game, including MirageOS, Ion, Doors CS, and nostub programs. Organize your programs into nested folders, lock, rename, copy, archive, hide, and edit programs directly from Doors CS, or use the HomeRun feature to run any program from the TI-OS homescreen. Doors CS is built to be extremely user-friendly, using a mouse-based interface to appeal to users accustomed to using computers who are frustrated by the many menus one must navigate on a TI calculator. On the opposite end of the user spectrum, it includes myriad keyboard shortcuts so that those who prefer to use a keyboard rather than a mouse can quickly and efficiently move through Doors CS. The Associated Program feature lets you click on any file, like game levels, documents, pictures, and songs, and have them automatically open with the correct viewer program. Doors CS 7.1 builds in the CALCnet2.2 networking library for communication and multiplayer gaming between two, twenty, or two billion calculators, as well as many bug fixes and tweaks since Doors CS 7.1. It contains full libraries for xLIB, Celtic III, PicArc, Omnicalc, and the new DCSB Libs; TI-BASIC programmers can now even use CALCnet. Download Doors CS 7 today and experience the full power of your calculator!


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11 years ago


9.4/10 (20 votes)
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DoorsCS 7 has been out for a very long time now, is it still relevant in 2018 though? Here's my thoughts **PROS: *Desktop-like experience everyone can easily learn *Huge upgrade in the programming field *Allows programs on your calculator to connect to the internet! *Also allows easy music playing through the 2.5mm I/O port *Allows you to get a TI 84 Plus CE experience by allowing you to easily run Archived and ASM programs without any extra steps. *Folders for organization * sooo much more I just can't fit in this review. **CONS: *The biggest one is that this is no longer in official development. Random bugs you may encounter will likely not be fixed quickly. *The UI with the mouse can be a bit slow at times, though if you really hate the mouse cursor you can install a program that removes it and replaces it with a more Doors 8 experience. **CONCLUSION: I would say this shell is definitely still relevant, even 8 years after it's initial release. The TI 84 Plus is not likely to change much in the coming future so Doors will still be useful decades from now! [10/10]

O_o epic, just, Epic...

I was first a dedicated Mirage OS user because I liked it's easy to use interface. I actually avoided Doors for some time because it seemed to crash every time I did anything within the shell (this was with version 6.0, I might add). But, now having tried version 7.0, I don't think I will ever go back. It provides me, a TI-Basic programmer with quite sufficient assembly resources. Not only that, but the ability to backup settings and folders now gives me the security to know that regardless of what I do to my calc (within reason), Doors CS7 will remain stable. (This is coming from one who has invalidated his OS many times, created invalid variable names, and disabled interrupts on his calc). Doors CS7 gets two thumbs way up.

Doors CS is simply the best shell available for the TI-83 Plus series.<br /><br />At first, it may look a bit large for those who develop directly on a regular TI-83 Plus, but in the end, the extra memory requirement over other shells and libraries is simply worth it: First of all, you have an interface where you can perform the typical shell actions such as archiving/unarchiving/unlocking/deleting programs and obviously running programs, but there is many more! If you cannot get used to the mouse, no problem, Doors CS also allows you to run everything from the PRGM menu, like any BASIC program, and your main program launchers can remain in the archive.<br /><br />In addition to that, its instant-Goto feature makes TI-BASIC development much faster, as we no longer need to wait 30 seconds for a program code to finish scrolling when an error is encountered at the very end of 15 KB of code. Axe source files are also detected, so trying to run them will open the BASIC editor where you can edit them. Also, like on a TI-81, the BASIC editor has 8 lines instead of 7.<br /><br />This is not all, Doors CS7 also pretty much packs xLIB, a bug-fixed version of Celtic III, some Omnicalc commands and many extra BASIC libraries. Basically, this means Doors CS7 alone will be able to run regular BASIC games, any z80 assembly game and also xLIB/Celtic games such as Bowling, Reuben Quest or Yumé. In other words, it pretty much lets you run everything and is also a very great tool for development.<br /><br />Stability-wise, I couldn't encounter any problem when running version 7.0 and 7.1 of Doors CS. There were a few bugs in the 6.0 branch, but the author worked hard on fixing them since then.<br /><br />Since I normally only review games, I do not know how to break down scoring, but I'll give this a 10/10. I would probably give 9/10 since I am a huge fan of running programs from the home screen instead of via an interface, but Doors CS even manages to satisfy that need, so 10/10 for excellent program that deserves more recognition outside the 2 currently most active TI forums. It has come a long way since DoorsXP in 2001!<br /><strong>-DJ_O</strong>


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