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  1. Drive a taxi around a city collecting tips. Strategically plan routes to avoid traffic and get the most tips possible! But don't take your eyes off the road for too long, or you might crash!

    Requires the C libraries - see readme

    This is my Land entry for CC20 (Theme - Transportation).

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  2. Dodge the traffic cones as they scroll across the screen. Programmed for the land section of Cemetech Contest 20 by dankcalculatorbro.

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  3. Connect the wires in order to distribute the electricity to all the houses. Made in ICE, made for CC20, land entry.

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  4. This game is a basic "shoot em' up" game, involving planes and missiles making things go boom. It gets increasingly difficult as you complete levels. This game was made for Cemetech Contest 20 in the air category.

    Please note: I do know that there are some graphical bugs, I only had 4 days to make this, so they will be fixed in the near future. It is still perfectly playable.

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  5. Lovingly land lots of loon-loaded landers on the lunar lithosphere

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  6. A tower defense game - with a twist! Instead of placing towers, change the very path that enemies take! Features a variety of upgradeable towers!

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  7. Drive a jumping jeep as a loony loon. Dodge the landmines and deliver packages to outposts all across the desert wasteland.

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  8. This game is designed to work across ALL TI-83/84 calculators. Yes, finally a program that works with both monochrome and color calculators! In this game YOU make your own craft to fly through checkpoints! Using intuitive controls, you can create amazing crafts! This new version includes a revamped save and load system which allows you to save 30 custom-named ships! Save files are also compatible across all calculators. It also includes optimizations to the build system which makes it 3 times faster than what the screenshots show. This program won the 2017 December Project of the Month!

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  9. In this game, you have to escape a buoy with the resources at your disposal. Although it is somewhat short, it does test your critical thinking skills in a precarious situation. This is my first ever "escape game", so the code I came up with is what I thought would work best (Don't Judge :P). There probably is a better way of doing it, but you gotta learn, right? This project was made for Cemetech Contest 20: Transit Time in the water category.

    Escape, and Enjoy!


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  10. In Adaptive Parkour you must adapt your character to beat each challenge! Each level is designed with a new character design in mind. You may customize run speed, jump height, and player size. Each level is possible, and your progress saves! No need for a "README", because all the information you'll need to play is in game! Though, just incase you can't follow simple directions the calculator gives you, you'll need the clibs to play this game (

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  11. Floaty Cloud is a Flappy Bird spin-off for the TI-84 Plus CE. It was programmed for CC20 by dankcalculatorbro and requires c libraries.

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  12. Navigate a sub through treacherous waters as a loony loon, delivering packages all across the seven seas!

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  13. This is my CC20: Transit Time air submission. I spent a very long time making this (over 120 hours) so I really hope you enjoy it. I created a YouTube video demonstrating the features (linked in README.txt), as well as an in-game introduction. The objective of the game is to gather as much wealth as possible (by buying planes and access to airports) while keeping your customers happy, all over 25 short days. Includes a high scores table, so try and beat your friends! Enjoy!

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  14. This game is based off of the game "donkey.bas", originally created by Microsoft programmers Bill Gates and Neil Konzen. It was written in the ICE programming language. In this game, you have to manuver your car as to not hit the deer in the road (or shall I say "deer in the headlights":p). This project was made for Cemetech Contest 20: Transit Time in the land category. Remember to practice safe driving and pay attention while you're on the road!

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  15. StockSim is a simulation game based on the American stock market. Players can buy and sell stocks while monitoring several charts. Players have to determine the best times to sell, whilst monitoring best times to buy other stocks. Players can select from EASY and HARD modes and can save/continue their games.

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  16. Now updated to 1.1! Make your way across the bottom of the ocean while encountering random obstacles. Programmed for CC20 by dankcalculatorbro.

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  17. Here is my contest 20 land entry. It is my backup program which is very simple. I was not able to get my actual contest 20 program working so I had to turn in this one sadly :/. Read the readme for instructions on how to play! Enjoy.

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  18. [_iPhoenix_'s CC20 Sea Entry!]
    You are a fish living in an ocean current, and lots of food and poisonous pollutants float your way!

    Have fun trying to eat all of the fish food (periods) and avoid the poison (weird plot mark thingies)!

    -Includes a pause menu with an in-game tutorial! (explained in README.txt)
    -Fish customization options! (You could play this game 64 times without repeating fish!)
    -Highscores table!

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  19. DR0VE is a game where you must strive to get the fastest time possible racing a car on a quarter mile, half mile, or full mile drag strip. You’ll have to configure your car to do well in this game. For example, for the mile you’ll need a car with a high top speed, but for the quarter mile, acceleration is more important. Three unlicensed cars are included. Have fun!

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  20. Too Many Boats is a fast-paced game of decisions written in pure BASIC for CC20 water.

    You are the commander of a Dock, you have: 3 docks, a revenue requirement, reputation, and a time limit.
    Within the time limit, you must decide to either accept or reject barges carrying a variety of goods and rewards, let them finish unloading at your dock, and gain the required amount of money! Make sure to pay attention to your reputation though, with reputation you can buy perks to advance far into the later levels! Thank you to SM84CE for adding some needed optimizations and improvements! Requires CE OS 5.2 or above.

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  21. CC22: Dungeon

    This is my CC22 entry!

    Dungeon is a top down dungeon crawler/monster slicer game :3

    There is a png of the map included in the folder, just for fun.
    Don't go past the spike wall, there is nothing there, unless you go to the top right corner in an emulator, then you will reach random memory land
    NOTE: THe map will get a complete overhaul now that the contest is over, at which point I will no longer include the map

    Transfer the .8xp and the two .8xv files to your calculator and ruun DUNGEON

    I recommend putting armor on before you start the game, Which you can do by navigating to the options menu and the the player create menu. The controls for the menu are on the screen.

    When in game, the conrols are as follows:
    <^v>: move in the direction of the pressed key
    [2nd]: attack with the equiped weapon
    [y=]-[graph]: each performs the function printed above the key on the screen
    [clear]: Quits the game entirely

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  22. CURRENT VERSION (v1.0.2): Added changelog and edited readme and this description (you can now find the controls)

    The CE Casino (read me pls)
    The CE Casino was originally made as a screensaver for CC26, but I thought, this was my best code yet. So here we are, me writing this readme to send to Cemetech.
    The CE Casino (from now on referred to as CEC) minimizes user input and increases power efficiency. After all, isn’t that the purpose of a screensaver? CEC does this by only
    using wait commands and running in TI-Basic.

    What CEC is about
    CEC is about a certain man going into a casino to gamble and make more money, as he is a puny millionaire compared to the billionaires and trillionaires of the world.
    When the man either goes in debt $2.5 million dollars or gains $5 million, different story lines commence.
    5 Million Storyline: 1: Gamble; 2: Criminal Empire; 3: Invest;
    1: Lose money; 2: Get Caught/Die; 3: Lead a long, peaceful life.
    1: Merge storylines

    -2.5 Million Storyline: 1: Homeless
    1: Die in rocket crash 1: Riches to rags to riches.

    Events that can happen while gambling
    Jackpot - 10%: +550,000
    Grandpa TImmy’s Illness - 10%: -350,000
    I. A. N. Effect - 1/110: Instant death
    Grandpa’s Extreme Illness (getting Jackpot and Grandpa TImmy’s illness) - 1%: -500,000

    [on]: To “break the program”
    * I might add [clear] to exit the program. *

    Grandpa TI-mmy. TI. Get it? Bad pun…
    The reason why the story’s not set in Texas is because casinos are outlawed there.

    What’s next?
    Well, I have an idea to build a collection of games based on The CE Casino. I’m also expecting to have time to expand the CEC or just take the source code and make an interactive version.

    TIny Hacker - Spriter Program (for icon).
    Everyone who built screensavers with probabilities (basically everyone).
    Calculatordream for the extra support.
    Everyone else who supported me.

    Eel(on) Musket
    Warren Buffet(t)
    The Engineer

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  23. Welcome to Ace Recon! Ace Recon is a game for the TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE that I have been working on for about three months now. It is written in C, and was started for Cemetech Contest 23, where it took second place overall. In this game, the player must sneak through floors of an office building, where each floor is more difficult than the last. Guards patrol these floors, and come in several different types, such as sniping guards and chasing guards. The game also includes a fully-fledged level editor with which which anyone can create levels and play them in the game.

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  24. This is a 2D shooter where color is everything. You design your character and the colors you use affect the stats your character has. You then try to defeat all the enemies with a gun and melee weapon.

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  25. JPL is a highly customizable game where you find yourself in your very own Windows 2000 themed spaceship builder! Your goal is to design and build your space ship, then fly it through checkpoints and try to rack up the highest score! Try and build the fanciest craft you can, but make sure that the varying checkpoint width and speed doesn't make your craft have a Rapid Unplanned Disassembly! This program packs a few fun features not shown the screen shot such as screen fade outs. Good luck building your dream space craft!

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  26. A super fun game, with awesome TI-BASIC graphics, including a rendition of Google Docs and Sublime Text! Can you finish your essay while being distracted by the shiny Sublime Text editor and upgrades screen? Uses no picture variables, only a single program. Includes a highscores table. GIF captured by jcgter777.

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  27. On a strange holiday in a strange place (somebody else's kitchen),you are a fridge attempting to catch all of the pillows you can. If you lose more pillows than you gain, you melt. Try to get as many pillows stuffed inside of you as possible! I was rushed for this contest between school and other commitments, so this game is pretty simple. I plan to add MUCH MORE stuff in the future if I have time, such as special fridge abilities, powerups, different levels, and so on. This project was made for Cemetech Contest 21: Holiday Celebrations.

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  28. Apply to Omicron 34, the world's first and only calculator-based, online, special agent academy! Learn how to unravel clues, pick locks, and hack computers as you prepare to become the world's next super-spy! Version: 1.0 CE

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  29. Fire And Flames is a fast-paced puzzle in which you are an arsonist burning locations and landmarks to the ground.
    Balance risk versus reward with the amount of havoc you can cause while staying alive! (Note: Download includes source code.)
    This game was created for CC25.

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  30. Catch the presents and the occasional candy cane to get points, but don't catch the coal, or you lose a life!
    Made for CC21: Holiday Celebrations!

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  31. Made for CC22, LogicalJoe presents Splat! Splat is a fast-paced game with 4 different game modes! Featuring a simple avatar editor that everyone can use and understand. But based on the avatar, your gameplay can drastically change. You find it too easy? Simply change your character to different colors; Never get too used to one configuration! Good luck! -- Source included!

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  32. This is my CC21 entry, as the holiday Diwali. Instructions are in the readme, as well as more info on this and where to find contact information. It's basically a spin-off of the Lights-Out Series of games. After CC21 voting ends, I will start updating the program to include more features.

    This was written using the ICE language for the CE, ICE was (and still is) made by PT_

    UPDATE: Fixed a crashing bug

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  33. Heller peeps of the future! I'm past King Dub Dub, and this is my CC25 entry!

    I've included the premade FOODFITE.8xp file and the source so you can enjoy playing the game and laughing at my pathetic coding skills. This is an identical copy of what I originally sent, but I've added some gameplay footage as a preview and a link to the Github repo:

    The original Cemetech post:

    Food Fighter is pretty simple: help Jerry go to work and kill extremely peeved sandwich men who poof out of the ether on their spawning platforms. Use the arrow keys to move, [2nd] to fire your trusty flamethrower, [del] to pause, and [clear] to quit the game quickly and hide the evidence from your teachers. Don't shoot for too long, or get hit by too many sandwiches, or you'll end up extremely dead. There's no one who can help you at all at that point, no mysterious god-like entities here, not at all. Oh, and you boost your score by dropping ingredients from the enemies into the proper slot, I.E. the bread shape goes in the square hole. So in short: kill everything, keep the floor clean, and don't die. Simple! Read the included README for more tips and instructions if you need some.

    Note that the footage was taken on emulated hardware without screen-tear, physical calcs (until we fix the C libs) may have a faint diagonal line through the screen during some animations.

    You will need the aforementioned CE C libraries in order to run this program:

    Playing the DOOM Eternal soundtrack while using the flamethrower is recommended but not required.

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  34. A screen saver about a truck driver trying to make money. You can watch a 30-day cycle where random events happen as if the calculator is playing a game.

    Since this is a screen saver and not a game, press ANY KEY to exit the screen saver. If you let it run for the full "30-days," a new 30-day "game" will begin after the first one ends.

    Four different "win" or "lose" situations depending on how much money the driver has after thirty days
    5 different scenic locations for the truck driver to drive through
    Backgrounds such as walls, bridges, houses and traffic lights
    Policemen pulling you over for speeding, littering or running a red light

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  35. Welcome to the GAME OF LAME! (I spent less than an hour making this, so don't expect much)
    You are a pedestrian (walking)! You want to cross the street to get to your destination.
    There are also bad guys (I know right, great name) that will hurt you if you walk on their street!
    Their streets are not known to you, so you have to figure them out through trial and error!

    Have fun!

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  36. For CC20 the ArTICL library was used to make a calculator controlled boat.

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  37. This was my entry for CC22. I hope you enjoy it. This is a little text-based adventure game for the TI-85 written in BASIC. It is fully customizable (see documentation). Feel free to PM me with comments or suggestions or if you find any bugs.

    Happy playing! :)

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  38. Arr, ye scurvy dogs! Welcome to me second submission to yer favorite contest, Transit Time! This be a game where ya search for treasure an trade yer way to riches on the high seas.

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  39. Creating a maze program in which the player progressively discovers more and more of the map has been an idea of mine for a long time. I finally got it made and am satisfied with how it turned out! Hope you enjoy!

    Read the included README for instructions regarding level editing and other miscellaneous information

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  40. Sketch Maze is a puzzle game revolving around colors, which often requires good and logical thinking. This game was made for CC22: Sprite Delight. Please refer to the readme.txt for further instructions.

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  41. Calculator Screen Saving is a simple screensaver written in TI-BASIC. Watch as multicolored cars drive across the screen from left to right! You can even change their direction by pressing up or down on the D-pad.

    Entry for Cemetech Contest #26.

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  42. I am pursuing the development of this addin with the aim of making a modular program. So it has been partially rewritten to unleash its potential.

    New effects have been added + new program architecture to ease the development of new modules.
    Addition of a menu (with screenshots) to easily select the effect to be seen next.

    The user can use the following keys to interract with the addin :

    [EXIT] to leave to the Operating System.
    [F1] and [F6] to change manually the effect.
    [OPTN] : to show/hide the option menu. While in this menu, the following keys can be used :
    [UP / DOWN] : to select the parameter,
    [LEFT / RIGHT] : to adjust the value of the parameter.
    [OPTN] again to qui the menu
    [MENU] : to show hide the effect selection menu, with the following keys while inside the menu :
    [LEFT / RIGHT] : to adjust the value of the parameter.
    [EXE] : to select and run the chosen effect
    [MENU] again to qui the menu

    Please let me know if you find bugs.

    Everything can be found in (markdown format) in the attached archive.

    Just copy the file DemoFXcg.g3a in your fx-CG10/20/50 and launch it.

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  43. You are a stoplight operator and must control the lights at an intersection in order to prevent crashes. Each stoplight is controlled by its set of three keys (QAZ, WSX, IJN, and OKM). Cars slowly speed up over time and traffic slowly gets worse, so see how long you can last! I hope you enjoy my Land entry to CC20: Transit Time. This version includes instructions on how to run the file, and I plan to include features of a more complete game (highscores, title screen, pauses, etc.) in future versions.

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  44. A screensaver written for the CC26 Cemetech contest. It features a starry sky with blinking stars and moving objects, falling snow with snowmen, and weird crazy color hyperspace stuff. Created in TI BASIC with the help of the Celtic CE libraries. Thanks to CoolModder and slyVTT for the encouragement throughout the development process.

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  45. You, the hero, are living happily at home when your mother catches a terrible illness. If you cannot make her a remedy in time, she may never heal. You seem to have all the necessary ingredients, when you notice you are missing the Alolea Herb, a powerful and rare plant. You must travel across the lands to find this herb, before time runs out! But beware, this world holds plenty of tricks and traps up its sleeve...

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  46. A Sudoku puzzle for the TI-83+ and 84+. This was written for the first-ever Cemetech contest and was selected as the winning entry.

    Features semi-random puzzle generation and the ability to save the state of a puzzle, reloading it when restarting the program.

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  47. Relive the glory days of yesteryear with WEB1999: a simulation of the Web browsing experience circa the turn of the third millennium in the palm of your hand on your TI-83 Premium CE, or TI-84+ CE calculator!

    This is a non-interactive screensaver-style program wherein assorted pop-up advertisements appear onscreen and the computer autonomously fights a battle to keep the screen uncluttered, similar to the "Realistic Internet Simulator" Flash game from 2002 (sometimes also known as "kill the popups"). Older users with firsthand knowledge of the Web around the year 2000 will find nostalgic reminder while others will receive an impromptu lesson in history, and everybody should find the results fun to watch.

    This is version 0.1c.

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  48. This is a game I made for Cemetech Contest 22. You must customize your character optimally to get the best score while fending off enemies. Made using the DoorsCS7 Hybrid Basic libraries.

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  49. Made for Cemetech Contest #25

    Now includes versions in both English and French!

    Flambé is a WarioWare-inspired set of minigames with one unifying theme: Heat.
    In this game, you'll need to stop ovens from overheating, start a fire, and all sorts of other activities in order to keep up a steady burn.
    Of course, if you want to get a good score, you'll have to master controlling your calculator.

    Note: Not all portions of this game are playable on the 84+CSE, 83PCE, and 84+CE calculators due to lack of Celtic III on those platforms.

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  50. My entry for CC26! It's a screensaver-esque program where cars drive back and forth, with a lot of fun easter eggs as well.

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