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Cow Clicker v1.2 This is a clone of Ian Bogost's Facebook game Cow Clicker for the TI-83+/84+/SE. It requires Doors CS 7.2 in order to run correctly. Have fun and enjoy! 252
BASE: Attack and Invade !! NOTE: SOME PARTS OF GIF ARE FASTER THAN ACTUAL PROGRAM SPEED !! Base is an exciting edition to Base Attack and Base Invade. In this program, it includes Base Attack and Base Invade, 28 unlockable achievements, difficulty levels, gameplay stats, and more! NEW UPDATE: Base h… 105
DCS 7 Clock v1.1 Run Clock through DCS whenever you want, and it will display the current hour and whether it is Morning or Afternoon! 460 7/10
Maze Runner Maze Runner is an exciting unique maze-like game for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. This program contains 15 exciting and challenging levels, a level editor, quickest time records, and more! --- © 2020 CELTIC III PRODUCTIONS, all rights are reserved. Users of this… 147
Snorlax's Lunchtime This is a port of the minigame "Snorlax's Lunchtime" from the PokeMini to the TI-83/84 Plus/SE. It requires DCS 7.2 to run. In this game, you control a Snorlax who wishes to eat food. Food will fall onto Snorlax's plate, and you must eat it (Press [2ND]) before the time runs … 310
Snorlax's Lunchtime CE This is a port of the minigame "Snorlax's Lunchtime" from the PokeMini to the TI-84 Plus CE. It's my first C program for the CE, so I hope you enjoy! In this game, you control a Snorlax who wishes to eat food. Food will fall onto Snorlax's plate, and you must eat it (Press [2… 357 10/10
CE Shell Clock v1.0 This is a port of my Doors CS 7 Clock to the CE. It's sort of a proof of concept, since literally all shells have clocks now, but still kind of cool. It uses the Celtic CE libraries and will work with any CE shell that supports monochrome icons. The program must be in the RAM to… 106
CEaShell CEaShell (pronounced like "Seashell") is a new shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. It aims to provide a modern, sleek, and easy to use UI, which is understandable by any user regardless of previous experience or calculator-related knowledge. This shell includes many features from po… 1108 9.7/10
TI-84 Addition Edition Give your TI-84 Plus CE the wonderful functionalities of the TI-83 Plus Addition Edition with this simple program! Props to RoccoLox Programs for helping out a ton on cleaning up the code! 416
Celtic CE Celtic CE is a library for TI-BASIC programs, which allows programmers to use many powerful commands and tools otherwise not possible with TI-BASIC. These include graphical commands, such as drawing sprites, shapes, and text, along with commands for running programs and hex code… 797 10/10
Spriter Spriter is a simple, minimalistic sprite and icon creator for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE written in Hybrid TI-BASIC using the Celtic CE library. It features an editor for sprites using both xLibC and BufSprite palettes, along with options to export both to string … 456
Road to Nowhere (CC26: TIny_Hacker) My entry for CC26! It's a screensaver-esque program where cars drive back and forth, with a lot of fun easter eggs as well. 245
Always-on Dark Mode This program works similar to other dark mode programs for the TI-84 Plus CE, with the exception that it will maintain dark mode even after turning the calculator off and back on again. To enable dark mode, all you need to do is run "prgmDARKINST" from the OS programs menu… 519


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