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Tiny Jumper is a speedrunning platformer game. Jump through all kinds of obstacles in
order to get to the goal as fast as possible. There are 15 interesting and fun levels
to try out - and your best times will be saved for each one! For additional challenge,
try to get the gold times for each level to unlock different colors for your player. And
if you get all 15 gold times, something special might just happen...


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3 years, 3 months ago


9.8/10 (6 votes)
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I really like the concept. Your game has simple graphics which I really like, because I can concentrate then more on the gameplay. The surprise after completing 15 gold times is very nice too xD. The only thing I miss is a darkmode. Could you include a darkmode feature in the program? Also just an extra program file in darkmode colours would make me satisfied.
The user puts then on his calculator the colour mode file which he wants and both files can coexist and use the same appvar. But until such a feature comes out I will put my calculator in the inverted colours mode while playing.
Simply inverting the colours gives an acceptable colour palette.

This is a must-have game for anyone who enjoys speedrunning and/or platformers! It is packed with cool features, and the levels are just the right amount of a challenge. I've heard that there is an easter egg which is hard to access, but I haven't managed to find it yet. :P

This is a great little speed running game. The graphics are simple but the intuitive, adaptive levels more than make up for it. There's even a few easter eggs which are fun to discover! If you enjoyed `This is the Only Level`, then I highly recommend this program.


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