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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Athena Packager / Installer Athena, the packager and installer, for your TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators, built to help authors of BASIC games who happen to have zillions of subprograms and data files distribute their games or software suites. The packager part runs on most Windows OSes, and… 735 8/10
2D Cellular Automata It plays "Conway's Game of Life". Configurable for different rule sets. Please view enclosed ReadME.txt file for more information. 845 7/10
Celtic 2 CSE This is a toolkit for BASIC programmers. It features the ability to read lines from programs and AppVars in RAM or Flash (archive), the ability to insert, delete, or overwrite lines in a specified program, to create a specified program and to find out how many lines there are in… 716
Nyan Cat: NaCaNiS Nom treats, avoid veggies. Blast through space as a poptart cat! 3129 8.6/10
Scogger CSE A port of the game Scogger by scognito. The goal of Scogger is to remove all the lily pads from the screen by jumping on them. You can move forward, left, and right but not backwards, with no jump distance limit! Includes most of the original 100 levels and an extra game mode! 645
Video to TI-8x Conversion Utility A simple utility to convert video files to files that the TI-83/84 Plus (SE) can play. Requires Python, FFmpeg, and a few other libraries mentioned in the ReadMe. Does not do audio. This runs on Windows but can run on other platforms with some modification. 424 10/10
DCS7 Font Editing Tool This tool allows editing of the Doors CS 7 font table for use with its rendering routine. 530
Land Loons Drive a jumping jeep as a loony loon. Dodge the landmines and deliver packages to outposts all across the desert wasteland. 1954
20,000 Loons Under the Sea Navigate a sub through treacherous waters as a loony loon, delivering packages all across the seven seas! 1572 10/10
Loonar Lander Lovingly land lots of loon-loaded landers on the lunar lithosphere 2310 9.3/10
Fishy Be the fish. Grow big by eating smaller fish but don't get eaten by bigger fish. 496
ScoggerCE A port of a port of a puzzle game made by Scognito. Have your frog jump on all the green lily pads at least once to complete each level. Comes with the original 100 levels and 30 extra levels using an extended rule set. 1152 10/10
Fishy CE Eat all the smaller fish and grow bigger but don't get eaten by the larger fish. Strive for the highest score by eating the largest fish you can! 5732 9/10
Cerkel Snek Like your standard game of snake except your snake moves in up to 64 different directions. Eat the red delicious things and sneak out the green exit door. Aim for the highest score! 2049 10/10
Falldown Move the ball left or right to make it fall as far down as possible for the highest score. Don't let the ball reach the top of the screen. 2366 9.5/10
Columns CE A clone of an arcade classic, where you try to match three or more jewels horizontally, diagonally, and vertically without overflowing the top of the play area. Play the classic arcade mode or original mode where you try to play as long as possible without losing, or "Flash colu… 1008 9.4/10
Plane Jump Roll forward as a barely-controllable ball along a fast and smoothly-rendered 3D road while avoiding all the pitfalls by jumping or rolling out of the way. Keep rolling as long as possible to achieve the highest score 1503 9.6/10
Floating Dumpster Fire It's a dumpster fire. 150 10/10
SI Prefix Appender A homescreen hook that appends the appropriate SI prefix (e.g. 'K' for kilo) to the results of a calculation done in ENG mode. Read the file for proper use and installation, or visit to see the documentation with images. 135


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