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Cemetech Contest 21 was all about the celebration of holidays. Entrants were challenged to write a program related to any real-world holiday.



  1. StockSim is a simulation game based on the American stock market. Players can buy and sell stocks while monitoring several charts. Players have to determine the best times to sell, whilst monitoring best times to buy other stocks. Players can select from EASY and HARD modes and can save/continue their games.

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  2. A super fun game, with awesome TI-BASIC graphics, including a rendition of Google Docs and Sublime Text! Can you finish your essay while being distracted by the shiny Sublime Text editor and upgrades screen? Uses no picture variables, only a single program. Includes a highscores table. GIF captured by jcgter777.

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  3. On a strange holiday in a strange place (somebody else's kitchen),you are a fridge attempting to catch all of the pillows you can. If you lose more pillows than you gain, you melt. Try to get as many pillows stuffed inside of you as possible! I was rushed for this contest between school and other commitments, so this game is pretty simple. I plan to add MUCH MORE stuff in the future if I have time, such as special fridge abilities, powerups, different levels, and so on. This project was made for Cemetech Contest 21: Holiday Celebrations.

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  4. Catch the presents and the occasional candy cane to get points, but don't catch the coal, or you lose a life!
    Made for CC21: Holiday Celebrations!

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  5. This is my CC21 entry, as the holiday Diwali. Instructions are in the readme, as well as more info on this and where to find contact information. It's basically a spin-off of the Lights-Out Series of games. After CC21 voting ends, I will start updating the program to include more features.

    This was written using the ICE language for the CE, ICE was (and still is) made by PT_

    UPDATE: Fixed a crashing bug

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