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Fractal Grapher F15 is a fractal grapher with many features: plot Mandelbrot, Julia, Sierpinski, and custom formulas; customize color preferences; adjust pixilation range from 7x7 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; and do much more. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible … 1071
SnakeCE SnakeCE is a fully customizable snake port in C now with high-score saves! 23098 8/10
Dial Ever played Impossible Dial on your iPhone and wondered why you couldn't play it on your 84pce? Well, now you can stop wondering with Dial! Dial is an Impossible Dial port full of features including: high score storage (in an archived appvar) and increasing speed as gameplay con… 1001 9.2/10
Fractals F1C is a souped fractal grapher in C with many features: use the whole screen for artwork rather then just the Graph Screen; plot Mandelbrot and Julia fractals; adjust pixilation range from 10x10 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; you can even zoom. The mystery of f… 1316 9.4/10
RubEX RubEX is the first graphic Magic Cube emulator for the TI-84 Plus CE and is now in C! Scramble it yourself or have the calculator auto-scramble it. Solve it while the calculator counts your moves. RubEX is a must-have for any Magic Cube enthusiast with a TI-84 Plus CE. New in ve… 1382 8.6/10
Error2 A C Demo on the use of os_ThrowError() 329
SnakeITM Snake In The Mirror provides a new challenge to those who are bored of SnakeCE, bored in class, or just bored anywhere. This program is sure to excite! 806
Strange Attractor Grapher S2C is a Strange attractor grapher in C with many features: use the whole screen for artwork rather than just the Graph Screen; plot the Lorenz system (sorry, that's it for now); switch between dot and line modes; and customize the number of iterations. The mystery of fractals i… 603 10/10
Splat Made for CC22, LogicalJoe presents Splat! Splat is a fast-paced game with 4 different game modes! Featuring a simple avatar editor that everyone can use and understand. But based on the avatar, your gameplay can drastically change. You find it too easy? Simply change your charac… 550 7.6/10
Oiram Micro Levels The Oiram Micro Levels are a set of Oiram levels that I made a very long time ago and aren't very clean, but they are for people with little memory to spare on their CEs. While not everything might make sense by the standard definition, every level has its perks and challenges.… 649
Taxi Simulator [CC20] Drive a taxi around a city collecting tips. Strategically plan routes to avoid traffic and get the most tips possible! But don't take your eyes off the road for too long, or you might crash! Requires the C libraries - see readme This is my Land entry for CC20 (Theme - Tran… 946 9/10


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