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SpriteLib v3.3.38 SpriteLib is a program designed to help BASIC programmers make cooler gam--er, programs. This program started as a Celtic 3 hybrid BASIC program that simply edited Omnicalc fonts and has since come to stand alone as an assembly library equipped with not only font editing feature… 565
BatLib BatLib is actually the app version of SpriteLib with more things that it can do. It is designed to give much more control and functionality to BASIC programs through editing RAM, reading data in programs, sprites, custom fonts, and even playing sounds. There are currently 61 com… 580
Grammer This app/shell provides the fast and powerful Grammer 2 programming language! In this update, I focused on Grammer's fonts, and I still ended up fixing bugs (thanks again to nonstickatom and Hans Burch for reporting). 1228
GroupRead This program provides BASIC programmers with functions for working with groups. You can read lines of programs that are in groups, you can extract variables, and you can recall pictures directly from groups, among other things. 490
FileSyst v1.019 This is an early version of FileSyst featuring a folder and filesystem, the ability to navigate folders, copy, delete, or rename files/folders, assign file types, and open files using the appropriate programs (For example, 'BATB' programs get opened by installing BatLib and then… 422
MazEgg2 This is another maze program written in Grammer code, but this one generates random mazes. Have fun! For a longer screenshot:;topic=15808.0;attach=14743;image 558
Chaos Game Test This is an implementation of the Chaos Game for the TI-83+/84+/SE monochrome calcs. The Chaos Game can be used to detect patterns in sequences, making it a tool to test Pseudo-Random Number Generators. It allows up to 255 vertices in a test and can be modified to use alternative… 416 10/10
Particle This is a simple, but fast particle engine based game. Draw stuff on the screen, drop particles, and watch them do their thing. For an animated screenshot: 619 10/10
Mandelbrot Set Explorer Explore the Mandelbrot set with glorious 16-bit math* and a monochrome screen! It's fast (for a calc) and offers control over zooming, traversing, and refining calculations, all while displaying relevant values *Math operations are carried out in 4.12 fixed point arithmetic allo… 447
Heapsort This is an implementation of the Heapsort algorithm. It can (and has) been used for such tasks as sorting the VAT and TI Lists! **New: Now includes a more general-purpose version and an example program that sorts TI lists very quickly :) 322
ListSort Using the heapsort algorithm this program very quickly sorts a TI-list. For example, a 999 element list takes just 3 seconds to sort, compared to 55 seconds for the OS SortA( routine. **Update: Now only 200 bytes (compared to 357), faster, needs no additional RAM, and uses 15MHz… 223
VATSort This file contains two routines for sorting and parsing the VAT entries of named variables. It uses the heapsort algorithm as its underlying core, providing a very fast sorting time. It also includes a routine whose output matches _ChkFindSym, but you can access the variables by… 278
LZD Image Compression Included is a Python program for compressing data, and a calc program for decompressing compressed image data. The algorithm is basically LZ compression, but allows for arbitrary sized runs and indexes. For reference, it took a little less than 3 times as long as a straight memc… 215
VAT Sort - Adaptive Insertion Sort This is a program to sort the VAT in-place using an adaptive insertion sort. It's fairly fast compared to other VAT sort implementations, but way faster than others I've found on a nearly-sorted or sorted VAT. For example, if you have 95 named variable VAT entries, and add 5 new… 205
VAT Sort - Merge Sort This is a program to sort the VAT in-place using an in-place, non-recursive mergesort. It only uses 29 bytes of external RAM (OP1/OP2 and 4 bytes of stack space), but these constraints grow it to an O(n^2) sorting algorithm instead of the classic O(n*lg(n)) algorithm. However, i… 321
bigpi - Arbitrary Precision Pi Calculator Happy Pi day! Here is an arbitrary precision calculator for the digits of pi. It is written in TI-BASIC, so it is slooooow, but it works! You basically pass in how many digits you want and it returns them in 5-digit chunks in L1. Keep in mind, if a chunk only has 4 digits,… 303
Floatlib Floatlib is a third-party floating-point library+documentation packaged into a 1-page app for the 83+/84+. Since these are highly optimized and large routines, you may not want to include them in every project. Instead, you can keep your programs small and just call the routines… 358
shuffle This assembly program very quickly shuffles a list. Great for shuffling a deck of cards in your BASIC games! For reference, it takes approximately 1 second to shuffle a 999 element list on the slower 6MHz TI-83+ (and even faster on the 83+SE and 84+ series). 278
[Grammer] Bold Font This is a variable-width bold font for Grammer 2.50.8+. This was made with DrDnar's Monochrome Font Editor (MFE): 134
HotkeySE HotkeySE is a shell expansion designed to add shortcut keys to automatically opens the right click menu and clicks on the action associated with the key. Lesser mouse movement so quicker actions. 102
Omnicalc Font Editor This is a new font editor based off an old program by Zeda. Please read the `Read Me 1.00.pdf` for more details. This is now fully functional, with more features. Some are auto-backups, font organization, and more. Enjoy! The Read me file has lots of juicy information abo… 145


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