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Iron XCoder v. 15.1 Library for CE About: Iron XCoder is a macOS Monterey themed library for the TI-84 Plus CE, CE–T, and Python editions. It includes a many graphical and utility functions that, while are aimed at making shell/OS creations a lot easier, they can be used to making programming with C/C++ a lot eas… 455
macOS Monterey 12.0 (GrannySmithOS 12.2.4) OS for CE This is a CE version of macOS Monterey that includes many features that other shell have such as a program launcher and stuff. In addition, it also features built-in utilities (like macOS has) that allow the user to be able to do any necessary calculations without leaving the sh… 1088 8.3/10
AP Chemistry Suite (v 1.0) This is a chemistry program that I've made for when I took AP Chemistry last year. I normally don't release my TI-Basic programs, but I thought I'd release this BASIC program that will help any AP Chemistry students. 1432 9/10
Dark Mode for CE Just load the program onto the calculator and run it. Dark Mode will be enabled until you turn the calculator off. The code for this file is open-source. (Here's a link: 306
Fibonacci Calculator (in Python) This program is coded in Python and can only be executed on Python calculators. You will enter "fib(" then put in the number of fibonacci numbers that you want and close the parenthesis. It will display the fibonacci numbers in sequence format. 100% accurate and under 200 bytes! 192
ESCAPE to the OS v1.0 Simple yet entertaining game, when one gets bored! Suggest any ideas in the forum: 144


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