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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.

Many assembly programs for the CE calculators are written in C, and will require a copy of the C libraries on the calculator in order to run.



  1. This neat little program makes your calculator automatically display fractions on the home screen! See the readme for more.

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  2. A CE C toolchain library -- for use with LIBLOAD.
    An implementation of industry-standard cryptography for the TI-84+ CE graphing calculator. Contains a secure RNG, Advanced Encryption Standard and RSA encryption algorithms, SSL signature verification, and more. See the enclosed documentation for details.

    modular exponentiation routine by jacobly
    sha256_transform by beck
    some code sourced from public domain repo
    wrappers, documentation, and some implementation by ACagliano

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  3. Enter the number of vertices and their X and Y coordinates, and this calculates its perimeter.

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  4. Test numbers to see if they are a Prime number. If the number has factors (not a prime number), you can view them. Enjoy!

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  5. Whether you are a beginner or a master mental calculator, Mental Math is a great program for learning how to compute problems in your head much faster than doing them on paper. Have fun! Version 2.0.1 CE

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  6. PineappleCAS is a computer algebra system for the TI-84 Plus CE calculators. It can simplify algebra and identities, evaluate arbitrary precision integer arithmetic, take derivatives, manipulate complex numbers, expand multiplication, substitute expressions, and more. It features a nice GUI and a TI-BASIC interface so that you can use PineappleCAS from within a basic program.

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  7. A simple programmer's calculator, with support for basic arithmetic and bitwise operations in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary. Uses an RPN input system.

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  8. A real-time converter that lets you enter any of base 10, 16, and 2, and converts it as you type to the other two bases.

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  9. Adds commas (or spaces) to real numbers displayed on the homescreen in TI-OS.

    It can also change what character is used as a decimal point.

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  10. A specialty library for the TI-84+ CE designed to integrate with the C/ez80 toolchain that allows developers to implement encryption, hashing, and encoding into their projects without needing to worry about the low-level implementation.

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  11. Calculate Pi, using random integers and a gcd function, written in c, with help from MateoConLechuga and jacobly
    v1.3 : Initial Release
    v1.5 : add keyboard interupt with any key

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  12. Calculate prime numbers, quickly! Made with the help of MateoConLechuga

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