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Polygon Perimeter Enter the number of vertices and their X and Y coordinates, and this calculates its perimeter. 1186
MATH4U I got this idea from my sister when she needed to learn her math facts. Should be self explanitory 1251
Mugwump Original game created by students of Bud Valenti. This classic basic game is the first of a series of basic games translated to TI-Basic. The object of the game is to find 4 Mugwumps hiding on a 10x10 grid. After each guess, the program will tell you the distance from each Mugwu… 880
Polynomial Expander This small and nifty math program takes two polynomials of any size in the form (A*X^B*Y^C...)(A*X^B*Y^C...). It then expands these two polynomials and combines like terms. Save time, reduce error. Note: This program requires the newest version of the TI-84 Plus CE OS, because o… 1901
PEMS, the Polynomial Expression Manipulation System V1.2 V5. Sorry, I didn't upload versions 2,3 and 4 because they were really unstable and barely worked. Input a polynomial expression in reverse polish notation (described in readme) such as *+*:(x^2+4)(x^3+x+5)(x+4). Output: Simplified polynomial! Speed results: 15 sec for (x… 858
EVEN WINS Translated by CODERTHEBARBARIAN Appeared in Creative Computing Collection: 101 Games for You and Your Microcomputer. The game starts with a random number of objects (Lets call them chips) in a pile. You can take 1,2,3, or 4 chips. The computer starts, and your goal is to end… 942
ExpandCE Enter a polynomial. Same syntax as PEMS. However, this has one crucial change. One that took weeks of working on the engine... MULTIPLE VARIABLES!!! While PEMS has support for expressions like *:(x^2+x)(x+45) ExpandCE can expand expressions such as *:(x^2+5y^2x^5z^2)(99… 1128
Periodic Graphs Explorer Use this easy to use, small, and fast program to quickly view and graph trigonometric graphs! 535
List of Strings Have you ever wanted to use more strings than the 10 permitted by the OS? Every wanted to have a more advanced data structure utilizing lists of strings? Look no further. Extraordinarily fast, and less than .9kBytes, STRLST solves both of these problems with ease. 267
Othello The classic strategy board game OTHELLO, now on your calculator. 2 player, no computer opponent. The program will report invalid moves, keep score, and update the board automatically. Read the README.txt file for more information. 418 8/10


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