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Boxman In this game you use the two left and right arrow keys to move the green box. Try to navigate all the way to the top without getting squashed. NOTES: You can only move up one block at a time. The higher you are the more points you get. This game is also on! http:… 1744
Don't Touch the White Tiles Use the upper-most buttons on your calculator to select the lower-most black tile on the screen. Each black tile gives you one point. But if you step on a white tile it's "Game Over" (Sorry, no random shark pops up.) This program is kind of slow but it beats doing nothing while … 2859
Moon Bubble In this game you are the Moon Bubble Guy (yes, that is his name) and you are constantly bouncing. You start with a certain number of frames and you have to catch as many stars as you can before all of your frames run out. Every star gives you 10 more frames and every UFO you hit… 545
1D Cellular Automata Renderer This program takes a user-input rule (from 0 - 255) and then draws that rule on the screen using a binary drawning method. It uses the three cells above the current cell to determine if it will be a 1 or 0. 647
Boxman Monochrome This is a game where boxes are falling from the sky. You need to climb the boxes to get to the top of the screen. You can only climb one box at a time but you can break stacks of boxes that you can't climb. Each level the boxes fall faster. Requires Doors CS7 419
Petals Around the Rose In this game 5 dice are rolled. There is always a numerical answer calculated based on a rule that the calc knows. Your job is to figure out the rule by rolling dice, guessing wrong (or right.) There is only one hint: The name of the game is the key to the game The key to the … 344
Boxman CE Boxes are falling from the ceiling and it's your job to get to the top. Be careful not to get squashed! You can only climb one block at a time. The higher you climb the more points you get! Boxes fall faster each level. See how high you can get! 7347 9.6/10
BaseConv A real-time converter that lets you enter any of base 10, 16, and 2, and converts it as you type to the other two bases. 609


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