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BasicNote is an advanced text-editor written completely in the calculator's TI-Basic language!
It is perfect for when you need to jot down a quick note, or even if you want to have fun creating several pages of notes. The program has several features that you might expect from a text editor, but that you probably weren't expecting from a TI-Basic text editor! Such things are text selecting and copy/paste, find&replace text, word wrapping and line breaks, special characters, auto saving, error detection and more. After 2 years of hard work, it is finally ready for the first release. Questions? Bug reports? Post in the thread:


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5 years, 9 months ago


10/10 (6 votes)


[10/10], It's a great text editor, especially in BASIC. This is probably going to be the only MS Word/ Notepad type program for the CE, written fully in TI-BASIC, and while it can't compete for speed with other text editors for the CE, it makes up in features, from autosave, to compression, and even a find & replace feature.

This is definitely the best notes program to ever exist for the CE! All the more impressive it's written entirely in *pure BASIC!* **PROS: *Very powerful, you can do what any simple computer text editor can do. Including Cut/Copy, paste, text selection, text find and replace, and more! This is much more powerful than the notes program written in ASM. *Fast, although the text input speed isn't idea, it's not bad and it rarely misses a keystroke. *Easy to use, all the controls are intuitive and easy to learn. **CONS: The only con with this program is the speed. Since it's written in BASIC, the speed is very limited. **CONCLUSION: If you need a good note program on your calculator, this is the one to get! It's the most feature-packed notes program out there and I highly recommend it! [10/10]


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