Would you consider addding sound to your program/game?
 80%  [ 24 ]
 6%  [ 2 ]
Maybe with more instrument/sound options (multi-channel, etc.)
 13%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 30

This seems highly off-topic for this thread. If you are having problems building any programs, that's not an issue with this project.

You should be able to just cd into the directory that contains the makefile and src directory, then run

The first argument for make specifies the target, not the directory which contains the files. Running make without any arguments causes it to use the default target for the makefile in that directory.
TimmyTurner62 wrote:
SomeCoolGuy wrote:
TimmyTurner62 wrote:
I do not own a windows pc, so unless there are .8x files to download, i cannot transfer anything to my ti 84 ce. I use a mac, so I can get Ti Connect but bat files are not for a mac. I cannot use it to make an .8x file to send to my calculator, so if you can, please upload an .8x file to github.

Just use Wine to cater to your Windows-related needs.

Yes I have that but the toolchains are what's needed and wine doesn't help. So far I can tell ya'll what I did but with an NES Emulator for CE found on github. It would be the same for this file:
When running make /NES84 I got this:
make: *** No rule to make target `/NES84'. Stop.

I was trying to use NES84 for the CE from github and I tried making it from the folder like the examples provided by the toolchain file (like examples/hello_world)

Just a question, but where can you give a url to this NES emulator?
Still highly off topic, but whatever.

Thirty seconds of googling found this.

Wonder if it works. That'd be cool.
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