slashdot just put up some news about msd8x, and provided a link to! 'tis a golden day for the calc community.
Woo, and I got the sixth comment on that...
cool hopfully this will help the community get more attention
yes, this be interesting. The only thing with them getting some light is not everyone has a ti calculator, but this fun to see if we get any new members (community I mean, not just here).
I have a feeling that will get alot of new members. DS might too. Oh, and Radical software probabally will.
They didn't seem to enthusiastic about it. I feel that the TI community is looked down upon. I don't expect too much out of this. Probably little attention will be payed to it, and will not have much effect on the number of members.
They probably don't need a lot of new members. More likely than not it would increase the number of n00bs (and n00bly programs).
yeah I noticed that we dont get the respect of say, the gameboy community....
That's because everyone uses their gameboy, and they use it for enjoyment; the members of the "TI Scene" are a bunch of nerdy programmers who use their calcs for pleasure Rolling Eyes

As for the the Slashdot comments; don't read them.
Meh, now to get DCS6 simultaneously /.ed and Digg'ed so my site will go down in flames. Very Happy
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