Hi all, I've been out of the game for a few years in terms of web programming but I'm doing a website for a friend of mine that will take some work so I wanted to make sure there isn't anything out there these days that may make designing this thing easier. I have experience both on the WordPress side as well as hard coding Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP etc. I'm also confident in learning a new language if need be.

This website will have users come in and input/submit(ideally upload a csv or something eventually) multiple rows of data. I'm talking like 100-200 rows worth of data. It will also have a portal for the recipient of this data to be able to view. I'll probably add some analytic tools in the future.

On the data side, are there plugins or something that assist with not only the data management on the back end but the look and feel of the data input on the front end? I'd want the data input user to have the ability to add rows if need be as well. I'd want to store this data in the cloud.

Again this is something I can just straight up code myself but if there's something smash karts out there that makes this process easier and look better, I'm all for. What say ye?
What kind of data are we talking about here? I'm almost positive there's an existing solution out there that will save you having to build this from scratch, e.g. Django with a plugin, or something standalone.
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