Over the past few months, I been coding MineSweeper for the Ti 84 CE in C. Building upon the version of MineSweeper I coded in Ti Basic. It includes 15 different variants of MineSweeper, several difficulties, a gui menu, a flag counter, and custom games. The board can have a maximum size of 52x27 using the smallest font, or 28x16 using the large font.

2nd to Flag
Alpha to select/search a tile
Arrows to navigate menu
F5 to quit

I still need to code a win/loss screen along with high scores, so I still have a bit to code before the game is finished. Currently at Version 0.45

I coded MineSweeper with Ti Basic in May during a 3 day camping trip, it was a bit of a challenge since I had no computer to code with, so all of it was coded on the calculator. Goto and Lbl functions were painful since the same draw command would be called from 8 different places meaning I had to figure out how to tell Ti Basic to return to the part of the code it was running. The game runs pretty slow in Basic, but there were few ways to make it run a bit faster, for example using the gridlines to fill the screen with a dark grey color which is lightning fast compared to using for loops to fill the screen. In a newer unstable version, I was able to make the game load and run faster since I changed the way the game generated mines.

MineSweeper C: http://ceme.tech/DL2308
MineSweeper C (TiPlanet): https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=3031881
MineSweeper Basic (TiPlanet): https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=3018436
Wow, that looks amazing! Can't wait to try it when its done. Making that in basic sounds really tedious, I'm glad you were able to port it to C!
Really cool! Could you make the cursor go slower? It's pretty easy to overshoot the space or button you're aiming for. You should also implement the feature where you can click on a number square if you've marked the correct number of mines around it.
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