Having a single implementation of the hook framework makes sense. That said, technically, we could live with multiple implementations, as long as all implementations implement, for the usual obvious interoperability reasons, a single, common, well thought-out spec Smile

In the past, I pointed at the TI-68k/AMS EvHk (Kevin Kofler) and tsrlib (Matthieu "flanker" Gallet) frameworks, the latter being more general and versatile. I remember the TI-Z80 experts replied that some of the things in there are, as expected, not applicable to the TI-Z80 and TI-eZ80 series - but some are, starting with the philosophy.
Yes, it's been a long time since I haven't given any sign of life, but now, I come back to show you what I've done for two months.

Indeed, I worked hard to add one feature, which looks easy at first sight but which is actually pretty difficult to program. What did I do? I added the ability to execute archived/assembly sub-programs! And I also translated the program into english. Programing this seems to be very fast... "seems"

Anyway, if we sum up, PHASM can :
- execute assembly/archived (sub-)programs
- jump to any Lbl you want by pressing [2nd] [X,T,O,n] while editing a program
- edit every program, even archived
... for now.

I'm gonna upload the archive on cemetech but meanwhile you can download it here.

EDIT : I've discovered a bug, so, I replaced the file with the old archive (without subprograms feature). This bug will be fixed as soon as possible!
Yay! Downloading.... Very Happy
You might have noticed that PHASM was not available for 1 week (last week). Indeed, I discovered a bug and I didn't want somebody to lose his RAM because of this. So, I fixed the bug and I took advantage of the opportunity to fix all the bugs I knew, and I found. To celebrate that, I've uploaded PHASM not to the beta folder, as it was before, but in the shell folder! It means that I'm glad to show you the first version of PHASM with no bug and with three features (edition, execution and instant goto in a program)!

However, maybe there are still a few bugs (nothin' is impossible :p) and I'd like you to tell me if you find one.

You can download PHASM 1.0 here!
I hope you'll use it Wink

PS : I will edit the link once PHASM is accepted into cemetech archives

Every time I run Cesium and Phasm, these programs show up at the bottom, PPHASM and RRESTORE. In fact, RRESTORE will be duplicated every time I run Cesium, resulting in a weird bug with the vanilla TI program menu. Also, Phasm disables the use of PrgmA to run cesium. I really hope these can be fixed because Phasm is a pretty sweet program!
Yes, I have had these same problems. But one new bug: after I had had first downloaded and used PHASM a few times, I ran Cesium and found I had over 200 programs with random names. Its never happened another time, though.
Sorry for taking a lot of time to answer but I'm a bit busy at the moment Wink

Well, it's a known issue and running PHASM with Cesium installed is not a good idea. Actually, these three programs (and all the strangely-named programs @calcnerd_CEP_D) are used to execute and backup the current program (as well as its subprograms). They should be deleted or at least invisible but CEsium prevents PHASM to delete them normally, PHASM does not handle this case right now but I'm working on it Wink
Hello from the other side,

I'm proud to show you a new version of PHASM! Indeed, this new version is very important. Let's recap what's new :
- First of all, I added a memory editor that will allow you to edit any AppVar you want, but not only! In fact you can edit the entire memory with one restriction : you cannot of course edit the ROM (but you can read it). So indulge yourself :p (but please, be careful when editing the memory, I cannot be responsible for any damages you cause due to the way you use this feature).
- Next, many bugs have been fixed since the last version (especially memory leaks). Unfortunately, the program is not yet compatible with Cesium (but it's ongoing).
- You can now use the "Goto" option when an ERR: occurs, even if the program is Archived. It could be very useful when debugging a program.
- I translated PHASM into French (but is of course still avaible in english), and feel free to ask me if you want to add a new language Wink

You can download PHASM here. (for the moment, it's only available on Ti-Planet, but once my request is accepted, I'll edit the link)
Well, everything seems to be said! Next step : make a "Add your own plugins" which will enable you to create your own plugin to add to PHASM Wink
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