Can someone test this and see if apps launch (yes, this is build 10582.26)?
Actually, the real question is, how does THIS code cause the program to self-destruct?

1:det(0:If Str9="..P:NT:FN
End:If Str9≠".
Repeat Str8=Str9 or θ=⌊CORE(1
If Str8=Str9 and θ=⌊CORE(1
If Str8=Str9:Then
det(5:Str8→Str0:DelVar Str8DelVar Str9DelVar ⌊CORE

I'm a bit late joining this, but you can search the web with a calc? Wouldn't that need modding to work?
Not really.

Right now, I'm trying to get some Command Prompt webpage conversion stuff sorted out, but the Edge UI and framework is pretty much done.

However, that's the least of my concerns. Right now, I need to figure out what's wrong with the code above.

det(8:If Str9="..P:NT:FN
det(4:1:det(1:End:If Str9!="rowSwap(WNSTART
Str8->Str0:DelVar Str8DelVar Str9DelVar LCORE
I know I've asked this before, but how do I control brightness through ASM?

The project is being wrapped up for Threshold 1, so I need to finish quickly.

EDIT: I found this, but I have no idea how to use it. Neutral
Continuum is coming.
solarsoftware wrote:

EDIT: I found this, but I have no idea how to use it. Neutral

Try doing and logic on the port with %11111011 to turn it on and %11111011 to turn it off (someone correct be if the logic is wrong)
Yay for scaling!

testing something
Automatic updates: how does that work? I'd imagine updates would be very much manual.
Touchpad: same thing there; are you using multiple key detection to emulate a touchpad? If so, the instructions should probably say "press XT0n and ALPHA" to scroll, or whatever is accurate.

For the computer program that would take screenshots every 10 seconds over USB, have you considered learning to use libticalcs libticables to make it yourself? Smile I suspect that would be the fastest way to get it done.

awesommee333 wrote:
I'm a bit late joining this, but you can search the web with a calc? Wouldn't that need modding to work?
Yes, you'd need external hardware.
Hopefully People can keep Facebook contacts because I don't know anyone with a CSE and W10M Very Happy
*...looks for CALCnet...*
Does the TI Keyboard only work for number or text input fields such as Prompt or Input, or does it work like another device keyboard, working within apps like Doors?

I think the carrier field should have the user's name.
Don't you just love DPI?

(does it look good?)

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