MrDew25 wrote:
Hello, first, lets get a few things out of the way first:
1. Yes, I know this is a double-post and I'm sorry for that, but I wanted to keep this in the same thread
2. Yes, I have been gone for a long time, but I won't be explaining why.
3. I didn't have time to create a .gif file of the update, so you will have to either wait until I can (probably won't though) or will have to go and try the program to see it for yourself

Now, to the update.

I have completed the Graph section of my program and hopefully the Beta version 1.0 will be posted sometime soon. I also added an important note to the description of the program so please read it before you try to use it or download it to use on your own calculator.

I would have LOVED a program like this, starting out, so I would love to help. If you need any help please tell me. Also would you like me to try to port this to the CSE? And, did you decide if you were going to use DCS libraries(Celtic)? I highly reccommend using Celtic, as I think it would be almost impossible without.
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