Might I suggest something along the lines of this? Smile Would give it a nice, retro feel.
Then only problem I have with that is I want to mount the controls to the cabinet. Make them look like they belong to it. Thats really cool tho¬°
Congratulations on getting that LCD up and running, geekboy! You get +1 EE respect from me for the soldering job you did on that, and your patience with that 36 AWG-ish wire.
Thanks Kerm. I have to order another header for it but that's for the back light controller and is no big deal. As for the soldering it was just finding a rhythm to work with. I wish I had glue gun to protect it all but I can't find mine Sad

Still hunting for joysticks going to look into that now. Hopefully I can find a nice USB compatible pair. We shall see...


This looks very promising more research to be done!

cheap button and stuff pack that looks reliable
Hey, I had another thought. What about mouse buttons off a laptop? The inspiron 1525 has them separate:

Would add a certain amount of creativity on your end, if you could get them working, and they look sleek.
that might get added in for service buttons actually. If you saw my previous edits I found a nice set of arcade buttons/sticks it is not just finding a controller for them Very Happy
I saw the edits, I was still just posting up my thought, since I had it and didn't want to forget to share.
Yeah i might end up using something like that for the service buttons for free credits and the works. really depends on how the final case design comes out Very Happy

And thoughts are always good projects like this are always more fun when stuff is re-purposed Very Happy

EDIT: sent a message out to and got a prompt reply. They have a 2player usb joystick adapter board that is 50$ so I asked if they had a oneplayer board or what not. They responded with they do not but they do have which is for modding an existing setup to use there controller. so 50$ for the whole control panel is pretty nice to me Very Happy
Yay more progress Very Happy

This is the entire shell of the cabinet. IT does not have the holes for the Speakers,screen,controls, cords, and maintenance yet but those are easy to add.
ok got all the buttons layed out and such Very Happy
(open in new tab to see the details.)

Now back to hardware needed. I am in need of a power supply that can supply 5v with about 3 amps of current. The only idea that currently sits ok in my price range it to buy a slim line computer psu off newegg and use the 5v rail from that. But it feels horribly inefficient to me. So thoughts?
Wall wart 3A 5V power supplies are readily and cheaply available online, though whether they truly supply 3A is another matter entirely (really cheap power supplies from eBay are best avoided). I'd probably trust something more like these LED driver power supplies but I don't really know how well they'd work for you (I assume they output a constant 5V - the specs list "Constant Voltage" rather than constant current).
For what it's worth, I do that trick with recycling computer PSUs all the time, although I've never purpose-bought a computer PSU specifically for a non-computer purpose. To power the LED lighting and fans in my room, I use a laptop power adapter-shaped brick that used to power a USB=SATA/IDE adapter, and hence provides nice clean 5V and 12V.
Been doing some searching.

@benryves a review on that supply says its noisy im wary of it.

@Kerm i have planty just kicking around the only issue I have with it is its horridly over powered for what I need. So I will be sticking to that as a last resort

Jonimus suggested I look at these
$15+ $25 and I throw a coax on the box for power and internally I get a ATX power plug to work with. Very tempting.

What else we got out there.
i was ordering the controller and buttons from xgaming and i went to check out there coin door. It turns out its to large Sad

so I'm on the hunt for a smaller one. any suggestions. All i have found so far is

EDIT: Ben gave me a good suggestion and i ended up buying this on a whim
going to be some work but it should work Very Happy just have to electrify it. But that's not to hard nothing some wire and a pen spring shouldn't be able to handle.
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