Super Crate Box v1.0
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It's boxes time ! Super Crate Box is a hardcore game originally for PC and iOS in which you have to catch the boxes and dodge or kill the enemies endlessly and aimlessly walking through the level. Killing an enemy doesn't give you points, only getting a crate does ! Also, beware : getting a crate will automatically change your weapon into another (better or worse). Make the highest score possible ! There are currently 10 weapons available, so try them all ! By matrefeytontias, with Axe Parser 1.2.1a


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11 years, 2 months ago


8/10 (2 votes)


This is an excellent port of a brilliant indie game. It is very faithful to the PC and iOS editions, featuring the same weapons and game mechanics. The game is also extremely fast, making a pleasurable playing experience. In terms of complaints, there are a few small issues, but I'm sure that in time they will be ironed out. For example, the disc gun does not kill the player when it hits it. Also, one is unable to jump over the fire pit which is not like the original. In the future, I would love to see some extra maps, and if it is possible, a level editor would be an awesome addition.


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