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Convert Files with the desktop application, and then move them to the calculator. You can us it to view text aswell as Images on your calculator. There are also a couple of different compression options, to archieve a compromise between picture quality and size.

NEW: Video support. Just add the mp4 like an image.
about 6min of mp4_med video fit on the calc.

For further instructions, read the supplied README.


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could you please make a youtube video tutorial on how to use it and put the link in the readme because i dont understand what the readme says. THANK YOU SO MUCH IM GONNA WATCH SOME STUFF ON MY CALCULATOR WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an issue. The picture and text options work fine but for some reason the video wont work. Every time I export an mp4. it says "Download FFMPEG" (which I already have an my computers and set the bin directories for). Then I press yes and select a file to put the .8xp file into. After a few seconds TICREATE closes by itself but the .zip wont open.

As you can see from the screenshots, the compressed image viewer certainly has a higher resolution than TI's built in image viewer. However the color depth and accuracy can be a bit off. Keep in mind though, color quality isn't the point of this project, the point is to get the smallest file size and support a variety of compression techniques. This program does do its job very well, although the main program is large, each image is nearly half the file size than my own picture viewing program. The on-computer converter is fairly nice, it has a simple design, makes it easy to convert your images, and provides lots of options. I appreciate that there's instructions in both the readme.txt and the computer converter! I originally rated this a [6/10] however the developer quickly updated the project to address my original concerns; my new rating is [10/10]! Well done!


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