Projects of the Month: March 2022
Published by KermMartian 1 year ago (2023-06-29T04:35:21+00:00) | Discuss this article

We've fallen a bit behind, but fear not, the entire Projects of the Month editor team is on it! For March 2022, we had the usual palette of impressive software projects move forward, especially games - and a hardware project in the mix as well. As always, take a look, and be sure to vote for the best of the four completed projects from this month.

  • Calculator Street Racing: A drag racing game for 84+/CE: Oxiti8 released version 1.3 of his evolving racing game, including several bug fixes and some UI/UX improvements. As always, you can find the download in the Cemetech File Archives.
  • Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon: Hot_Dog released version 1.0 of this TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus CE RPG this month, after a year and a half of development. Hot_Dog notes that while the art style is inspired by Earthbound, and the battles are influenced by Pokemon, the game and plot are entirely original. In later months, Hot_Dog released additional minor versions, so you can grab the very latest version from the first post in the topic for both monochrome and color calculators.
  • Handheld Programmer Calculator: In contrast to many Cemetech projects, Botboy3000 waited until finishing this hardware project before showing it off. Botboy3000 wanted a physical programmers’ calculator, capable of doing arithmetic and bit operations on numbers in bases 2, 10, and 16 (binary, decimal, and hexadecimal). He designed it around an Atmega 128, then added retro red 7-segment displays and a 3D-printed case and buttons. If you love calculators, hardware hacking, and especially the intersection of the two, check out his work in the topic.
  • HD Picture Viewer [C] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial found some free time and updated this long-running project, namely deleting images and panning large images. He noted that these features were still being polished, so you’ll have to look forward to February 2023 for the latest pre-release download.
  • IndiumCE - a fast BASIC interpreter in C++: PT_ announced a new project this month, a TI-BASIC interpreter written in C++ called IndiumCE. PT_ aims to make this much faster than the TI-OS’s own interpreter, but as of March 2022, only Disp was implemented.
  • Into the Shade: An Odd Game About Cars: On the last day of the month, TIny_Hacker announced a new TI-84 Plus CE game where you try to keep a car from overheating, by keeping it under constantly moving shade. TIny_Hacker insists there’s no point to the game, but we almost always applaud new concepts that stretch the boundaries of what has been built before.
  • micrOS: another shell for TI-84 PCE [ON PAUSE]: nanobot567 released v1.1.1 dev of this BASIC-turned C shell, the only version released up to the present. This release lists programs and has menus to view credits and help and change settings, but is not yet capable of running programs.
  • Periodic Table CE: Proving mr womp womp wrong (“its not like we're ever going to reach March 2022's potm anyway”), we now come to a C project he created for the dual purposes of bringing an attractive periodic table to the TI-84 Plus CE and familiarizing himself with the TI-84 Plus CE C toolchain. Later in the month, he added a wealth of element data and also released the source code for critiques. Download the program, view the source, or add your comments in the topic!
  • S.A.M.M. - A Metroid-vania for TI-84 Plus CE [beta]: Captain Calc first published this 2D platformer game in February 2022, made rapid progress, but unfortunately lost some of the source code and had to resume from a backup. In March, Captain Calc showed off some of the progress and improvements that re-implementation allowed (look for the release later in 2022!).
  • Supersonic Ball HP Prime G2 remake: Between February and March 2022, DJ Omnimaga resurrected this HP Prime project, a port of a TI-83 Plus Axe game he wrote many years earlier, where you control a bouncing ball through a maze of walls while racing a timer. It runs smoothly and speedily on the HP Prime G2: take a look and grab the download in the topic!
  • Ti-84CE On calc ez80: zeldaking shared a minor update on this on-calculator ez80 assembly IDE and assembler, namely a re-written UI.
  • TI-Boy CE Progress Thread: This month, calc84maniac released TI-Boy CE alpha v0.2.1, including resolving screen tearing and laying groundwork for GBC emulation. Look for future months, where GBC support debuts!