Cemetech Contest 26: Screensaver
Published by Wavejumper3 3 months, 2 weeks ago (2023-11-05T01:10:49+00:00) | Discuss this article

Cemetech Contest #26 is the screensaver contest! Save our screens with cool visuals! Here's some ground rules, of course:

Programs for this contest may be in any language, for any platform. The use of any assets, such as sprites and code, will also be permitted provided that they are public at the start of the contest. Projects released or started before the contest's beginning are ineligible for entry in the contest. In order to qualify for the contest, the program has to fit the general constraints of a "screensaver" (defined below). The contest is open to all Cemetech users, except for judges.

Please create a thread to document your progress throughout the contest, in the format "CC26: <your username>". Receiving help is also allowed for the contest, provided it is done through a Cemetech-run public place of discussion, such as the forums, SAX, IRC, or the Cemetech Discord server. If you receive help from someone, be sure to give them credit. (Thanks Epsilon5 for writing most of this. I heavily drew on CC25 as a base for the phrasing.)

Source code is required. Send the source, executable, and readme in a zip file to "contest@cemetech.net" before the deadline. Late submissions won't be eligible for voting.

Judging and Scoring:
Personal Judgement of 5 judges: Wavejumper3, LogicalJoe, and three others TBA.
There will be a community vote as well!
One winner from 2 categories of programs will be picked by judges.
Categories as follows:
  1. Programs written in TI-BASIC on any (e)Z80 calculator model.
  2. Non-TI-BASIC programs, which may be written for calculators or any other platform.

A community vote picks an overall winner (which can be different from the judge-picked winners)

This contest will begin when this post goes up, and end on Saturday, November 25th, at 3pm EST, 12 Noon PT. Community voting will be the following week, and winners will be announced soon after.

A surprise! (There are prizes, though, don't you worry).

Now, a definition of "screensaver", as the judging will be based on these criteria:
  1. An emphasis on not requiring user input.
    Of course, it can accept user input to change the visuals, but it should continue to function in an interesting way without any user interaction for most of the runtime. We will judge each entry by running the program and not touching the calculator or computer again.
  2. Dynamic Visuals
    The screensaver has changing visuals, often in a purposefully non-repetitive way. They generally lack audio, and are relaxing to look at (a strobe light is not a screensaver).
  3. Creativity!
    Screensavers are encouraged to be interesting in both execution and concept. Originality is a big plus!

Now, go save some screens!