The Big Move
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 9 months ago (2005-09-16T04:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article, not to a new server, to a new system. I tested out integration of regular HTML pages into the CSS/PHP/MySQL template system I have modded from phpBB (all credit given, of course) in Now, I am ready to unfurl this over the entire site. I aim to complete this in a single day, starting now at 10:20 EST, and ending by 7:00 PM EST. You may experience minor outages, but I plan to keep the majority of the site active as the rollover is made. I have modified my 404 page so that if you attempt to go to an old HTML page, it will automatically redirect you to the correct PHP. I will take this out as soon as all internal links are repaired. Please post feedback, comments, and bug reports on the forum.
Edit: You can now see the new format on the Poll and Links pages.