Hey guys,

So, basically, what the title says. I just thought it was cool to have a game with a fully-rendered 3D tunnel in it. I have the tunnel, now if you have ideas of a game to put it in, please let me know. ;D

It's pure Axe (excepting some Asm(CB3D) to fasten /2), exactly 2000 bytes, the way it's coded allows for custom deformation of the tunnel (for now, each segment has X = cos(timer), Y = sin(timer)), it's endless, it runs at 9 FPS at 6 MHz and it doesn't use GLib.

Any idea to share ?

Frostion suggested http://armorgames.com/play/10289/vector-rush .

Mostly the parts where you are in the Death Star. Tr1p1ea was working on one, but it never got anywhere.
Yes but hum Razz I don't really think there'll be enemies. Something more like an obstacle course or something would be ... possible I think Razz
I have solid rendering awesomeness working ! Very Happy clipping windows are so much fun.

Actually, it only works when segments are not connected. So I planned to release two games : an actual 3D clone of the Tunnel game and another one more interesting Razz

I'll post screenshots of both when I'll have collisions done for the former, and clipped connections for the latter. Smile
Okay, so I'm done with the tunnel game, it's ready to release Very Happy
The tunnel starts large and slow and become faster and smaller as you progress !
I'll post a download link when the file gets approved on ticalc Smile

Okay, so file got accepted on ticalc, you can download it Smile

Also, another update on the second game's side, look at that Very Happy

Imma add enemies to that.
Ooooh, looks great! I know the tricks you're using to make it look 3D from a mathematical standpoint, but that doesn't stop it from looking excellent. Well done.
Well, it's actual 3D, I don't know what you're talking about .-. I'm using regular orthogonal projection : (x',y') = (x,y) / z
matrefeytontias wrote:
Well, it's actual 3D, I don't know what you're talking about .-. I'm using regular orthogonal projection : (x',y') = (x,y) / z
Of course, but your occlusion is not general-case occlusion, and you have no ability to handle camera movement or rotation. I more meant the occlusion tricks I assume you're using: start with the nearest tunnel element, draw the rectangle, use that as the clipping rectangle for the next tunnel element, etc.
Yeah, that's effectively what I use. It's the only way to have good speed.
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