Did you hate my last esolang website?

Did you wish that the idea behind it was executed better?

Then check out my new esolang, Poetic!
(note: the website is still very much in-progress. the online interpreter works, though!)

Poetic, in short, is a brainf*** derivative where commands are decided by the lengths of words (well, partly...the system is a bit more complicated than that). It is meant to resemble abstract poetry (specifically, Pilish poetry). I encourage you all to try writing programs...er, poetry...in Poetic!

Here is an example that outputs all the ASCII codepoints infinitely:

love is a great mystery
but i couldn't really explain it

Here is an example of a cat program, in the form of a haiku:

stranger, i confess
i have longstanding problems
i'm unprepared for

And here is a Hello World program:

the proverbial "unconsciousness"

i was already aware
i had understood fully

i saw the devil
i was perfectly still
involuntarily i paused

there said i:
my sheer consciousness
of certain given circumstances
i noticed
it's nothing
     nothing any man wouldn't learn

a way of finding these
i know not

nothing common or typical
and yet (somehow)
very little thought
will normally resolve every contradiction

a foolish heart -> an eternal misfortune

Try out these programs, and more, on the online interpreter!
It works fine !
It's a completely different approach of programing.
Thank you.
In order to demonstrate the RND command (represented by a 9-letter word), I made a program that outputs a random number from 0 to 255. The first word, "lightning", randomizes the current byte.


*a flash!*
*a zap!*
*a flash!*
*a zap!*

a...Fourth of July?

I am still electrified.
Inside, I see a burst of flames...
...a fire...

I am the source.


I was frightened
almost traumatized

Have I heard hallucinations?
Unspeakable evils?

I say...
   I think no.

No, their progression and advancement isn't a threat.

I say...
   I think I am worse.
I say...
   I think I'm no longer light.
   I'm shade.
   Inescapable dark.

I am now sinister.

I think I see little,
except a dark, impenetrable cloud...

...I am purely-intentioned...

I still try...
...try fighting longer....

Too late.
I am truly with my people.
Mischievous, devious...
...a dark disappearing animal.

Gloomy night now is EVERYWHERE.
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