Hi All,

During last contest CPC#30 @Plan├Ęte Casio, I made a quick and dirty attempt to get a 2D vectorial engine and a mini-pinball game.

Unfortunately, I was running short in time during taht contest because of my work, and instead of spending one week on the topic, I was jsut able to spend few horus, leading to something very minimal and quite buggy. Considering that the idea was well received and that it was very fun to develop the engine, I promised to spend more time on this as soon as possible and to turn this concept into a real game.

And this time happened very recently, I was able to spend some hours last week-end and yesterday and I created a demo version containing one single board for you to test. It can be downloaded here : https://www.planet-casio.com/storage/forums/Pinball-17445.g3a.

I intend to create a full game on the long run (I take care not giving any target date for release Razz ) as I consider that the engine has quite a good potential for making something great. Part of the further development will be to move from vectorial "assets" to nice boards. I aslo plan to have many different boards, but don't want to tell to much on that later point ...

Right now, the number of ball is not limited, just press [EXE] to relaunch a new one when the ball is in the launcher (on the right part of the board) or in the bucket (in the bottom of the board between the flippers).

To activate flippers :
[F1] or [<-] for left flipper
[F6] or [->] for right flipper
and as usual in my games [SHIFT]+[EXIT] to exit

Have fun and let me know if you encounter bugs and or are having fun with such a game concept.
What if you expanded it to two pinball boards, such that you have to control both at once, with the same set of controls? I think it could be an interesting challenge, gameplay-wise and programming-wise.
This is part of the ideas I have for future developments, and when we'll got serial support into fxSDK/gint, a 3-pin serial version to create a kind of "pinball fight".
A short video of latest development :

A more complex board to demonstrate what can be handled by my "in-house" Pinball Engine Very Happy
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